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November Garden Update

So, I’m not sure what the weather has been like where you live, but here, it’s been pretty crazy. Crazy as in we have been wearing short sleeve shirts and sandals in November. And, that means our garden was still chugging along. We’d lost a few things, though. The peas bit the bullet a month […]

Where have we been?

You guys, I’m sorry. I have been slacking so much over here when it comes to posting on the blog. The truth is, life has been crazy. For one thing, just when we get caught up, something like this happens: Yep, that’s my #DIwYatt fixing our washing machine. For the second time in only two […]

A Simple Halloween Mantle

You might not know it, but I really am becoming more of a minimalist at heart. Stylistically anyway. Not when it comes to books and magazines…and my inability to keep my office clean and uncluttered. But, because our house is usually messy with clutter, I find that I don’t want a lot of cluttered decor […]

Freebie FriYAY – September Sun Free Fall Printable

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a free printable with you all for #FreebieFriYAY so I spent a few minutes designing this fun free fall printable for you in honor of the beautiful September day we had today. I’m going to add it to our clipboard gallery wall (which you can read about, HERE), […]

Thanksgiving Printable Round Up

Nothing like the day before a holiday for some last minute decorating, huh? Wyatt and I both came down with a cold early this week and we’re doing our best to rest up for a holiday weekend, but I wanted to take a quick minute and share the remaining two printables I’m using on my […]

Weekend Rewind: “It’s Awesome Outside” Edition

Can you believe it’s November? I can’t. For starters, Will was just born last month, right? And there’s no way Christmas is only 6 weeks away. And hello, it’s awesome outside. This weekend we finally got around to cleaning out the garden for the year. It was sad because I know we didn’t do as […]

Weekend Rewind: Finally Fall Edition

Am I the only one who seems to be stuck in summer? I keep writing August as the month every time I have to write the date on something. I’m not sure why…I just can’t believe we’re halfway through October, maybe. Or maybe I feel like our life sort of stopped when Will was born […]

Time is Running Out: Goals for 2015

We only have a few months left in our push to tackle all of our 2015 goals…and things are moving much slower now that Will is around. We expected that, though, so I’m hoping we have a little bit of push left in us for the last few bits. 1. Develop a weekly cleaning routine. […]

Weekend Rewind: “LEAFing” Fall Behind

We may have had our last gorgeous fall day if the weather people are correct. Today’s highs were above 70 degrees, and the weekend was still sunny enough to spend some time outdoors compared to what is in the forecast for the coming few days. In fact, we might even be seeing some snow this week! […]

Weekend Rewind: Happy Halloween Edition

Happy belated Halloween, friends! Hope everyone had a great time getting dressed and ready to go party/trick-or-treat/give out candy/etc. I wanted to take a few minutes to share our pumpkins this year: For those of you who might be new, carving pumpkins is one activity Wyatt and I have done since 2006, I think. It’s […]

Finally, Some Fall Festivities

Now that it’s a week before Halloween, I’m finally getting on the decoration bandwagon. I already showed you guys the new fall wreath I made, here. But last night, I finally got the rest of our house all fall-ified. I was hesitant at first to decorate because I knew we are going to be tearing […]

A Leaf Wreath

Say that 10 times fast, I dare you. Also, say that I’m a slacker because it’s already the end of October and I am just now decorating me house for fall. It’s okay, I deserve it. To be honest, until last Thursday, my front door still looked like this: I know, I know. But I’ve […]

Weekend Rewind: Leaf Peeping Edition

This weekend, Wyatt and I snuck off for a long weekend of glorious fall fun away from home. We had gorgeous fall weather the entire time, and despite Wyatt ending up with a cold, we had a great time just relaxing and not working on the kitchen.  And taking couch selfies using a new setting […]

The Little Garden That Could

Despite the cooler temps and rainy weather, our garden is still managing to keep us supplied with summer veggies. (And supplies for canning, like I discussed in my post last night. ) Here’s the harvest I grabbed a couple days ago when I went out to snap these pictures: You can see our zucchini plants […]

Our Favorites From 2013

In the past 365 days, we’ve done a whole bunch of projects. And I know that winter can be a discouraging time with all the cold weather and not a lot of sunshine to do projects in (we currently have snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow!), so here’s a look back at some […]

Weekend Rewind: Kittens, Kids, and Crazy Leaves Edition

This weekend was a busy one for the Shipmans. On Friday, we headed to Sedalia to watch the high school play my friend Liz directed this year. Even though we no longer live in the same city, we still try to always support each other in our various plans and projects. She and her husband […]

Thinking About Thanksgiving, Target Style

This post is sponsored by Target, but the words and opinions are all our own.  As still fairly newly-weds, Thanksgiving is always a tricky time. Actually, all the holidays are tricky. See, we have families. A lot of family. And we love them all and want to spend time with them. (What a terrible problem […]

Garden Gloom, Winter’s Doom

Alright, so winter isn’t really a bad thing. I realize with winter comes Christmas, and Wyatt’s birthday, and other awesome things…but I thought I’d share a few photos of how our garden ended the year. After a few nights of covering everything up with sheets to protect it from the frost, we had a hard […]

Weekend Rewind: Parental Progress Edition

This weekend was a busy one, but since we weren’t home for any of it, nothing got done around here. Friday night, Hubs and I joined our friends Matt and Elizabeth for a Mark Twain performance. I’m a definite Twain fan, so it was really fun for me. Hubs went along in good spirits, but I […]

Some Sneak Peeks…(Pumpkins, Peppers, Pew and Prints)

Last night, we had a hard freeze. The garden, which has suffered a bit despite its blankets on a few frosty nights, was finally doomed for the season. Still, we went out and harvested every last bit of goodness we could before the cold set in. Here’s a peek at the spoils. (There’s also a […]

Place Mats and Pillows, The Perfect Fall Project

I upped the leaf count in the living room by one this weekend, guys. In perhaps the easiest and most “This-feels-like-cheating” sewing project ever, I added one fall-themed pillow to my collection. And since I’m all for sharing secrets (and faking a successful seamstress persona), I had to share this super fast and easy project […]

Weekend Rewind: Friends & Family Edition

This weekend we didn’t accomplish as much as would have liked around the house…however…we did have a great time visiting with friends and family. We also enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. On Friday night, Hubs went to the Sporting KC game. While he was gone, our friends Matt and Elizabeth arrived for a visit. They […]

Fall Fun—Free Printables!

Be sure to follow all our other projects, here! We hope you enjoy our little corner of Blog Land and stop to look around a few other pages, like our DIY Foam Cooler Ottoman, Ruler Growth Chart, our Kitchen Renovation, all my other free printables, and our ever-popular fireplace transformation! In the past, I’ve shared a few free printables with […]

Raising the Raspberries

Guys, how many times have I said…”The garden is finished!” only to come back in a week or so with another project or update we’ve done out there? I’m probably starting to sound like the girl who cried garden, huh? (Here, here, and here for examples of this nonsense.)  But, here I am again…with another […]

Our New View From the Front

I already hinted at our new view yesterday, but it’s time for the big reveal. After about an hour more work last evening after Hubs got home from work, this is what our final result looks like: It’s a big difference when you consider just how far we’ve come in the past couple months (yes […]

Weekend Rewind: Expensive Progress Edition

Building wooden furniture and adding landscape are both pretty expensive projects so this weekend wasn’t a cheap one. However, as we look for prices on hardwood floors, kitchen counter tops, and custom cabinetry, I suppose I may have to rethink my definition of “expensive.” So, despite costing us a couple hundred bucks at Home Depot, this […]

It’s Time for an Update…Resolutions 2013

It’s time for us to stand up and be accountable to all of you blog readers out there who so generously follow along our adventures. We now have less than three months to finish up our list of 2013 resolutions. So, for the sake of a self-check-up, I’ll go through them here for you to […]

(Fake) Fall Leaves and Other Autumn Decor

When I showed you our fall mantle a few weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to add a few more fall leaves to the tree branches. At the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use fake ones or real ones, but I since decided that real leaves, though nice in theory, are really […]

Let the Fall Crafting Season Begin!

I’m not sure what it is about fall and winter weather that makes me want to grab my hot glue gun and yarn, but for some reason, I seem to be extra crafty for these holiday seasons. It’s not that July 4th and Easter don’t deserve crafts…and in fact, they certainly do…I’m just less likely […]

Awesome Autumn (New Mantle Decor)

One of the things I love about our house is the big mantle and hearth we have in the living room. I enjoy switching up the decor in there to keep it fresh and fun. So, since it’s now officially fall, I’m sharing how we decked the halls for Autumn this year. I already showed […]