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Christmas At Home

This year, one of my only goals for the Christmas season was to slow down. Do less. Buy less. Sit more.¬†Breathe more. And while we still had many, moments of hectic busyness, I do think we succeeded. Of course, the wrapping is not done. And technically, the shopping is not done. Or the baking. But […]

A Quick Look Back at Our Christmas

Hey friends, happy 2017! I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve been a terrible blogger. More specifically, we’ve been terrible home bloggers. We haven’t had any real home updates for you all in awhile, and few other updates either. I’m hopeful for a fresh start and a renewed joy in checking in with […]

There’s Certainly a Santa – Sponsored Post + GIVEAWAY

**This post is sponsored by Certainly Santa and we received a book for review, but the words and opinions are all our own.** I’m so excited to share another super fun Christmas giveaway with you all this week! This one is so sweet, a Christmas book all about telling your kids the truth about Santa. […]

What’s Up Downstairs?

Well, since we’ve been spending the majority of the free time we have to work on home projects dealing with basement stuff, I figured it was worth a quick update for you all. Here’s the post with all the details on what happened. And a quick reminder photo of what part of the ceiling looked […]

Outtakes from Will’s First Christmas

It seems like the last month was a whirlwind of people, parties and presents. Also, unfortunately, tissues, coughing, stuffy noses. In keeping with his mother’s notorious ability to be sick on Christmas, Will got RSV a week before the bulk of our holiday events. Thankfully he didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital for […]

Cozy For Christmas

I know we’ve been a little MIA, but we’ve been getting ready for Christmas in our little corner of the world over here. And…we’ve been sick. Why are we always sick? Will and I are still struggling to get well before we get into the biggest of the celebrations, but we’re hopeful we’ll feel better […]

EASY Winter Wall Hanging

Even though the kitchen is finally done (woohoo!—and thank goodness!), the wall over the big table has been totally bare and boring for over a year now. I knew I wanted something large, rather than a lot of smaller things, mainly because of the plate wall in the corner. I didn’t want whatever I chose […]

Weekend Rewind: Fresh and Frozen Food Edition

This weekend, we harvested a bunch more blueberries from our garden. I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am. Also, I can tell you that I’m super pregnant. ūüôā We got to enjoy fresh garden goodies on our plates, too. Also, on Saturday, we had some friends come up and we tackled a […]

Hello Again!

Hi guys! Have you had a nice holiday? We took a break from blogging (and work) over Christmas to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation with friends and family. Now, we’re back to work, but thankful for another holiday later this week to help us ease back into the habit of getting things done. We […]

The Open Shelving is Done!

You guys, our kitchen is so close to being finished that I can finally taste the finish line. (That’s a weird way of saying it…) I want to come back with some details later on to tell you all about how we tackled the open shelving, but for now, I have to share a photo […]

What we’ve been doing…

The past few days have been full of scrambling around and trying to finish a bunch of odd projects for the kitchen. We’ll be back to share details on a few on those projects, but in the meantime, just know we’ve been doing things like… Building shelves: Painting: Installing shelf brackets: Building bookshelves: Painting: Buying […]

An Expensive New “Toy”

For Christmas this year, Wyatt and I tried to follow a new little gift giving guide for each other, in an attempt to take some of the guesswork and excess shopping out of the picture, at least for our own presents. I came up with a little rhyme to help us remember it, similar to […]

Some Good Stuff We Got…And Gave!

I wanted to share some of our favorite gifts, both given and gotten. Hubs was super excited about the socks I gave him. I picked out several pairs of fun and funky socks, including these robot socks, which seem to follow along our recent robot trend. I snagged some new PJ’s and slippers from Wyatt. […]

Christmas Recap – Around the State in Six Days Edition

Sorry we’ve been a little MIA lately, it’s been a busy few days with finishing up Christmas celebrations and ringing in the new year. So, this will be my attempt at recapping how we’ve spent the last few days and why we haven’t had the time to share everything with you as it was happening. […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Christmas Tree

Among many projects we worked on this holiday season. This proved to be one of the fastest and easiest. We had some leftover scraps of barn wood boards from the¬†Manger Project. They were different widths, but that makes the tree turn out better. Melissa measured lengths of the boards so they would make a tree […]

Decking the Halls, Shipman Style

I know I’ve already given you all some glimpses of our Christmas decorations with various projects, but I wanted to do one post that wraps up all the areas of the house.¬†We’ll call it a little mini Christmas tour of our house! The first thing you’ll notice is the monogram wreath I made this year. […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Table Top For a Plant Stand

Melissa rescued this plant stand table from the neighbor’s clean out day dumpster this summer. We wanted to come up with a new tabletop since we weren’t crazy about the floral design. (And because it had scratches on it from where Melissa scraped off some old gum.) We had some barn wood boards that were […]

Totally Awesome Tomato Cage Trees

If anyone is in need of some last minute Christmas ideas, or you just want to give a jump start to next year’s decorations, I’m sharing the rest of our holiday crafts this week on the blog. Someone *cough* *me* *cough* has been too busy running around with other things than to get these all […]

I’m Dreaming of Some White Christmas Houses

Last year, Sherry from Young House Love shared her super lovely white ceramic houses. They were very, very very beautiful and I really liked how sweet they looked on their mantle. (Go check them out to see the inspiration behind this project.) But those houses were a bit expensive for us to lay down on […]

DIY North Pole Shipping Crates

***Pssst! Because you’re awesome for stopping by our site, you can get some awesome freebies (like¬†custom photo Christmas cards, and awesome party invitations!). See this post for more info!)*** A few weeks back, I saw a photo on Instagram and decided it was a project I needed to add to my Christmas craft list this […]

Weekend Rewind: Crazy Crafty Edition

This weekend was a whirlwind. Seriously, I know I’m always saying things like, “we’re so busy,” and “the days fly by,” but seriously, we did so much this weekend that I can hardly remember it all. So for the sake of my own sanity, and yours, since you’re reading this, how about we do a […]

Target Toys…And a Surprise Giveaway!

Update: Giveaway is now closed. Our winner is Ashley S. Congrats! We’ll get your gift card sent over shortly! This post is sponsored by Target but the content and opinions are all my own. Questions, email us!¬† PSST! There’s a Target gift card giveaway at the bottom of this post, a bonus to the one […]

The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

On Monday, I asked you all how to finish decorating a wreath I had made. I wasn’t sure which of my endless options to try but you guys unanimously voted for the natural look, which matches our tree, so that’s exactly what I did. I also added, as I’m sure you noticed, the large “S” […]

Which Wreath?

Psst! Don’t forget to go enter our Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway! I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting and I’m stuck. No, not stuck with hot glue or staples or something like that. I’m stuck on what to do with these two wreaths so I’m asking you for advice. For starters, I made […]

Our Favorite Things: A Christmas Giveaway!

It’s officially Christmastime and we’re getting in the giving spirit by hosting another giveaway for you all. That’s right, we had so much fun with the last one that we decided to round up a bunch of our favorite things and ship them off to four winners just in time for Christmas. So, here’s what’s […]

My Own Mistletoe: A DIY Kissing Ball

Since I promised you all two posts today in our earlier update, I figured I should get right to work on this one. It’s been a busy, busy, BUSY week around here (my messy house will attest to that) and I’ve started my Christmas crafts,¬†so it’s time to get started sharing those fun little projects […]

A Case of the After-Christmas Blues

Well, it’s official now. Christmas is officially over in our humble household. The decorations are all boxed away, the presents are (mostly) worked into their new homes, and even the candy is slowly quickly¬†dwindling¬†down. I have to admit that a part of me feels really sad that our first Christmas season in this house is […]

What We Got (And Gave)

I know Christmas is over, but with all the excitement and traveling, I’m a little behind on getting these posts up here so I wanted to go ahead and tell you guys about our Christmas. We spent most of the days Wyatt had off of work away from home visiting family, which was awesome, but […]

Awesome Gift

If you have ever asked Melissa about what to get me as a gift, you would know that I am difficult and easy to shop for all at the same time. ¬†It’s difficult because I always tell her that I don’t really need anything. ¬†On the other hand, it’s easy, because I enjoy a lot […]