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Cozy For Christmas

I know we’ve been a little MIA, but we’ve been getting ready for Christmas in our little corner of the world over here. And…we’ve been sick. Why are we always sick? Will and I are still struggling to get well before we get into the biggest of the celebrations, but we’re hopeful we’ll feel better […]

EASY Winter Wall Hanging

Even though the kitchen is finally done (woohoo!—and thank goodness!), the wall over the big table has been totally bare and boring for over a year now. I knew I wanted something large, rather than a lot of smaller things, mainly because of the plate wall in the corner. I didn’t want whatever I chose […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Christmas Tree

Among many projects we worked on this holiday season. This proved to be one of the fastest and easiest. We had some leftover scraps of barn wood boards from the Manger Project. They were different widths, but that makes the tree turn out better. Melissa measured lengths of the boards so they would make a tree […]

Decking the Halls, Shipman Style

I know I’ve already given you all some glimpses of our Christmas decorations with various projects, but I wanted to do one post that wraps up all the areas of the house. We’ll call it a little mini Christmas tour of our house! The first thing you’ll notice is the monogram wreath I made this year. […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Table Top For a Plant Stand

Melissa rescued this plant stand table from the neighbor’s clean out day dumpster this summer. We wanted to come up with a new tabletop since we weren’t crazy about the floral design. (And because it had scratches on it from where Melissa scraped off some old gum.) We had some barn wood boards that were […]

Totally Awesome Tomato Cage Trees

If anyone is in need of some last minute Christmas ideas, or you just want to give a jump start to next year’s decorations, I’m sharing the rest of our holiday crafts this week on the blog. Someone *cough* *me* *cough* has been too busy running around with other things than to get these all […]

I’m Dreaming of Some White Christmas Houses

Last year, Sherry from Young House Love shared her super lovely white ceramic houses. They were very, very very beautiful and I really liked how sweet they looked on their mantle. (Go check them out to see the inspiration behind this project.) But those houses were a bit expensive for us to lay down on […]

DIY North Pole Shipping Crates

***Pssst! Because you’re awesome for stopping by our site, you can get some awesome freebies (like custom photo Christmas cards, and awesome party invitations!). See this post for more info!)*** A few weeks back, I saw a photo on Instagram and decided it was a project I needed to add to my Christmas craft list this […]

Weekend Rewind: Crazy Crafty Edition

This weekend was a whirlwind. Seriously, I know I’m always saying things like, “we’re so busy,” and “the days fly by,” but seriously, we did so much this weekend that I can hardly remember it all. So for the sake of my own sanity, and yours, since you’re reading this, how about we do a […]

DIY Toilet Paper Tubes to Wreath Transformation

It’s a Friday night and I’m about to hit publish and go decorate the tree with Hubs while drinking a bottle of wine. It’s time to RELAX! But, in case you’re in a crafty mood tonight, here’s a project you can probably do without going out to buy any supplies–most of it uses recycling items […]

Which Wreath?

Psst! Don’t forget to go enter our Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway! I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting and I’m stuck. No, not stuck with hot glue or staples or something like that. I’m stuck on what to do with these two wreaths so I’m asking you for advice. For starters, I made […]

My Own Mistletoe: A DIY Kissing Ball

Since I promised you all two posts today in our earlier update, I figured I should get right to work on this one. It’s been a busy, busy, BUSY week around here (my messy house will attest to that) and I’ve started my Christmas crafts, so it’s time to get started sharing those fun little projects […]

How we decked our halls

I know Christmas is over, but the holiday season technically lasts until New Year’s Day, right? Or even January 6th (Epiphany) for some, so I still have a little bit of time before it becomes tacky that I still have all this stuff up and out, right? So, I wanted to take a few minutes […]

I’m no elf, but here’s the best I could do!

I’ll admit that I don’t know how the elves manage to make all those gifts every year. It’s exhausting and stressful! This year, I didn’t make as many gifts as I’d have liked to. Not only is it (usually) cheaper to make some gifts, it’s also so special to give someone something you spent time […]

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve everyone! I didn’t get to everything on the Christmas to-do list, but I’d say we did pretty well considering I was sick for a week and we had a few other unexpected bumps in the road we weren’t planning for. To see the posts that go with these projects, just click on […]

The stockings were hung…and decorated, now it’s time to fill them!

So, I made our stockings a few days ago, and they were fine, pretty good for my first ever sewing machine adventure. However, I thought they needed a little something else, so I set to work making some decorations for them out of yarn. Using the technique I told you about here on how to […]

Yarn Pom-Poms (And Garland!)

I have recently become quite enamored with these adorable little yarn pom-poms. I want to make a million of them and drape them in garlands all over our house. So far, I’ve only made one red one. Because I’m not a crazy cat lady, however, and because I share my home with a man who […]

NOEL (Yarn Letters)

I saw this on Pinterest last year and fell in love. Of course, we didn’t have room for anything like this in our apartment so I had to wait. When we bought our house, which had a fireplace (Actually we have two, but I haven’t even started thinking about the one in the basement yet), […]

DIY Sweater Stockings

Last year, I made a stocking for Hubs by hand. It went pretty well, even though it took forever to sew since I didn’t have a machine. He had made mine several years before as a Christmas gift when we were dating. (I was still in high school at the time!) And while I love […]

DIwYatt: Building a Nativity Set Stable

So we were looking for the right holy family and manger scene for our home, but we ran into some trouble from sheer picky-ness ( yes she makes up words and I can too ).  We really like the Willow Tree Sets because of the carved wood look and because there are no facial features, […]

Ruffled Tree Skirt

Last year, Hubs and I wrapped a blanket around the bottom of our Christmas tree. It worked fine and looked okay I guess, but it wasn’t all that festive or pretty. (It was however, very Linus-esque of us.) Plus, it meant we were without our couch blanket for a month. Yikes. So this year, I […]

A not-so-soft (but still really awesome) pillow (and a FREE PRINTABLE!)

Today’s post is the first in a series of Christmas-themed DIY projects I’d like to post for you guys before Christmas is actually here and it’s too late for any crafting. We’ll see how that goes. I had seen burlap all over Pinterest recently, and I caught the burlap bug. There are burlap stockings and […]

Christmas Countdown

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Well, not really, because I have’t started decorating yet, but I’m good and ready for it to look that way now! Yup, I’m a Christmas girl. Last year, our decorating was fairly minimal, both because we didn’t have many decorations, and because we didn’t have much space […]

Paper Hearts Tutorial

I wanted to post the last Christmas craft I made for our apartment this year. I know it’s after Christmas, but these would also be great for Valentine’s Day (which is the next holiday coming up, just a little plug…) It’s super fast and easy! And fun! Have I convinced you to try it yet? […]

Tree Tutorial…Stacked Version

Ok, so I know it’s past Christmas and you probably don’t want to make Christmas tree decorations anymore, but I said I’d post these, and I am going to, dangit! So, use these trees to decorate for January, or have a tree-themed party sometime in the next month as an excuse to make these cute […]

Paper Tree Tutorial #1 (Folder Version)

Just to let you know, I had a nice blog post all ready to give you yesterday and WordPress had a slight hiccup and somehow it all got lost. (So much for the automatic saving, right?) Anyway, I apologize for the delay, but here’s what I was going to share with you yesterday but didn’t […]