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Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

We finally got around to doing some shopping for our bedroom and had decent luck, all things considered. (We accidentally went to the mall during the tax-free weekend. Yikes.) We bought a mattress protector for our new mattress. Nothing fancy there, but it’s a necessity. (It’s to protect our new mattress, which we scored for […]

It’s Bed Time!

It’s bed time. And even though hitting the sheets right now might feel good, it’s not currently possible…since we have no sheets at the moment…since today, this happened: We found a sweet deal for a new mattress and box springs on Groupon* awhile back and since our mattress is more than 6 years old and […]

A Frame Swap

A few weekends ago, we had a garage sale. One of the things my mom brought up to sell was an old picture that had hung in the stairway of their house for probably 18 years or so. It’s cute, yes, but no longer matches the hallway (they redid that area of the house when […]

(Re)Staining My Nightstand

Remember back when I tried, and failed, to stain the top of my nightstand a darker color? This was after priming it, painting it, then distressing it with sandpaper and adding an accent color. Here’s the post, for a reminder.  Well, this week, we finally finished it. I almost hate to even admit how we […]

Raising The Curtains

I had a few minutes yesterday to work on the curtain situation that was going on in our guest room. The new Ikea drapes were taking over the entire room and it was time to stand up and put an end to it. Ok, so they weren’t taking over the entire room…but they were too […]

Great Crates!

As part of the long, drawn-out process of growing-up the guest room, I’ve been trying to find some sort of new bedside tables without breaking the bank. Here’s how it looked after adding the headboard. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy…so we went to option two, DIY! I’d had the idea to […]

A New Head to the Bed

When we purchased our Craigslist dresser, all those months ago, it came with a matching headboard. Since we’re not using the dresser (at all yet) in a bedroom, we didn’t really need the matching headboard. But we did have a guest room bed with no headboard, so I was excited to find a near-free solution […]

To Bling, or Not to Bling…A Question for You!

Ok guys, today I need your help. How? Well, it’s simple. All it takes is a simple vote, by way of comment at the bottom of this post. What are we voting on? Well, remember Chester and Mr. Professor? When we picked them out, Hubs was really in favor of changing out the hardware on […]

A Pain to Stain

Well, as promised in yesterday’s post, I’m ready to share about my Sunday project that flopped. Oh joy… Remember how I have been working on slowly fixing up my nightstand(salvaged from my great-grandparents’ house, which burned a few years ago)? To refresh, there are posts about it here, here, and here.  Well, I wanted to […]

A Finishing Touch

After Hubs finished his awesome mirror fix-up, I got right to work enjoying it. Isn’t he awesome? However, I noticed the need for one small little touch-up. The wood had scratched our wall a bit where it had rubbed against the paint. It’s not a big deal as is, but since I have a feeling […]

DIwYatt: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pinterest Challenge

Last week, Melissa decided that we should partake in the Young House Love Pinterest Challenge. And, she thought it would be fun if we both did a project, so here is hers and here is mine: For awhile now, we have been wanting to dress up the mirror that stands against the wall in our […]

Headboard Head Start

We’ve now had two weekends full of sunshine and warm weather, and I’ve used both of those weekends to encourage Wyatt and I to get some things done around the house that we can’t do when it’s wintering outside. (Yes, I just made “wintering” into a new kind of verb. It means, loosely translated from […]

An (Even) Nicer Nightstand

By now, I’m sure you guys have seen my nightstand transformation from this: to this: I definitely love this little guy’s design. Also, I found out via my aunt that it actually did belong to my great-grandparents. In fact, she remembers the exact furniture store where my Great-Grandma bought him and where he sat in […]

Valentine Rewind: Candle Culprit Edition

If you follow us on twitter or instagram (or ever give a glance to the fun stuff over in the right hand side of the page), you may already have seen how we celebrated Valentine’s Day, at least during the first part of the night. This is what Hubs’ present looked like: Gotta represent the […]

Meet Chester, and Mr. Professor

We have news, guys. Big, strong news. We brought two handsome men into our home this past week. I’d like to introduce you to Chester: And his brother, The Professor: We finally found the bedroom furniture we wanted. It’s big enough to be super functional with LOTS of big drawers, but it’s not too masculine […]

Out With The Old

Our new bedroom furniture is being delivered in a couple days (Woot woot!) and that means we have to make some room for the new stuff. Which means we have to get rid of the old stuff…although, if you know us very well, you know we don’t get rid of much of anything around here. […]

Happy at Home

We’ve had a pretty hectic couple of days being away from home with some family stuff going on earlier this week, and before that, we were out of town for the entire weekend. Needless to say when we finally got home last night around 9:30, we headed straight for our bed. It’s amazing how comforting […]

Dresser Success

So, remember when I complained and complained about wanting a new dresser for our bedroom so we can start making some progress in there? Well, big news, we found one! Actually, we found a dresser and a chest that match. It’s not a full bedroom set since the bed and nightstands won’t really match, but […]

A-tisket, A-tasket…

A brand new laundry basket! I get that normally a laundry basket might not really be worth writing home about (or rather writing to you guys), but I totally love the new one we found at World Market on Saturday. It’s awesome for so many reasons that I feel the need to break it down […]

Standing Strong…For Now

Well, I’m finally finished with the little nightstand makeover…for now. I feel this whole master bedroom has been a challenge that makes me want to stick out my lower lip and pout for awhile. Let me explain. I want a new bed. Hubs is going to make that I think. He has other projects before […]

Dreaming of a New Nightstand…

I’ve been thinking about how I should fix up the nightstand and I as pretty sure it would look good in red. Then, yesterday I saw this adorable nightstand at Hobby Lobby that would go great as a nightstand partner in our blue and red bedroom. However, it was $150 and I knew that was […]

Which Came First, the Nightstand or the Cabinet

Alright guys, remember back when I said I had the winter project blues because it was cold out and I didn’t know which projects to take on? Well, I’m leaving this up to you to help me decide which project should I take on first (meaning right now)? First, my nightstand: A couple years ago, […]