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Right now, the concept of home is a very complicated one. Our apartment is home. But hopefully not for long. And we still think of Sedalia as the place we “go home to visit” when we stay with our families. Still, I think we’re happiest and most ourselves when we’re at home…our home…together. Because after […]


For the past few nights, we’ve had unimpressive dinners. It’s not that we’ve planned this. We’ve just been busy with volleyball, house hunting, planning a bachelorette party… all that good stuff. Sunday night, it was so hot in our apartment, we had only tuna salad. Monday, we had chicken helper. It was pretty good, but […]

It’s getting hot in here…

Well, it’s been around 80 degrees the past several days. We live in a third floor apt and don’t want to give in and turn our air conditioner on yet. (Are we cheap? Yup, but it is only March, people, and Wyatt’s stubborn. Very stubborn!) So, we have the windows open… …all both of them. […]

‘Tis a gift to be…spoiled?

I love that Wyatt spoils me sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I like to spoil him, too. But tonight, this is about how he spoils me. Namely, with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And chicken, sauteed zucchini, and mac & cheese for dinner, nearly ready by the time I got home from work at 6:40 […]

Our weekend…a food photo story.

This weekend, was busy. So, instead of giving you a play-by-play of everything we did, I figured I’d give you a little bit to drool over and tell our weekend story through photos of food. With some other awesome stuff mixed in as well. And actually, I’m going to start our “weekend” food photos with […]

Strawberry Salsa and Cinnamon Sugared Tortilla Chips (& Liz’s library shower)

At my friend Liz’s bridal shower, her mom and sister made some super delicious food. (As the matron of honor, my responsibilities didn’t at all include food, and I was totally fine with that because their food is super cute and super good.) See? The strawberry salsa was so good, I had to try it myself. It […]

Resolution Update: Saving money

Yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog. I was busy. I got home from work, ran, took a walk with Hubs, made dinner, and then we went and played our first volleyball game in the rec league we signed up for with friends. We lost pretty badly but had fun, then wasted some time […]

Clutter, clutter everywhere… a housewife confession

Ok, so it’s no episode of hoarders over here, but it is pretty messy. The dining room table is covered with clutter. The coffee table is covered with clutter. The love seat has clutter, the floor has clutter, the bathroom counter and bedroom floor have clutter. It’s enough to make me real grumpy and a […]

What Hubs thinks…

Tonight I asked Hubs what was an issue in our marriage. I wasn’t trying to start a fight, I just needed something to blog about tonight. Here’s the things he listed, in order of how they occur throughout the day. 1. “You waking me up before my alarm.” 2. “There’s hair on the bathroom floor. […]

Time for us

Spending time together is a huge priority for Wyatt and I. We are happiest when we’re just being with each other, no matter what we’re actually doing. Hubs was gone to New York City all last week. It was not fun. Of course, we made it through just fine. (Even though Hubs forgot the “phone routine” […]

Thursday thoughts…

Today’s the first day of March. Tomorrow is Friday, and for several reasons, I’ve never looked forward to a Friday more. March means that Spring is coming up soon! March also means that soccer season is starting soon! I can’t believe Hubs and I have been married for almost 8 months! I know everyone said […]

” Are you telling me you knew this whole time?”

Hubs and I went to our first professional indoor soccer game on Sunday afternoon with some friends. It was fun! Did you even know there was professional indoor soccer? I didn’t before I moved up here to the city. I’m telling you, Kansas City has everything. Anyway, so we were at the game and having […]

In my head at 6 a.m.

Mornings when I go to my internship, I get up at 6. It’s pretty unfortunate. I hear my alarm, hit snooze, and roll over. I grunt and moan a little bit. Hubs pushes and shoves on me, tries to get me to be quiet so he can go back to sleep. It helps me get […]


Maybe I’ll start by saying that we sometimes aren’t so awesome at bills. We have reminders set and notes and stuff, but sometimes, like the time Hubs forgot to tell me about the email account that had our at&t bills in them. Well, now, we got the bills delivered to our apartment, and it’s been […]

Today I ran 5 miles…

Why? Well, because I got an email from a race that said my half marathon was less than 8 weeks away. And I realized I needed to get my tushie in shape and start running longer distances than what was convenient. After I got done, I saw Hubs’ car in front of our apartment so […]

Trying to do it all…

I’m trying to do a lot of things. 1. Be a good wife. I get emotional and sometimes I cry or snap at Hubs. I get annoyed at the piles of laundry he hides on his side of the bed. I get tired of doing dishes. I get frustrated that we don’t have enough storage […]

Today, I locked myself out of our apartment…

Yes, friends, it’s true. I did manage to lock myself out even when our door has to be locked from the outside with a key. How? Well, it’s actually simple, and quite silly. You see, yesterday I went for a run when I got home from Job #3. Hubs pulled into the parking lot right […]

Old news on a new day

This morning on my way to work, I got stuck in traffic for a few minutes because of a wreck. This made me think about two things:   1. I had been grumpy because my car was frosty and I had to scrape all the windows. It took several minutes. And judging by the fact […]

What WE did for Valentine’s day…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. There were no roses and no chocolates. No fancy dinner. And that’s FINE. Because Hubs and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day that much when we were dating, and we figured there was no real reason to start now. Two years ago, I got him […]

Our first snow day, and other random “firsts.”

Yup, it snowed last night. And neither of us braved the roads to work. Luckily, we both had things we could work on from home. I watched web training videos for a freelance project, and some other things, and Hubs…well, try as I might, I still don’t totally understand what he does. I know it […]

Lesson #12: Long days are hard. Love notes help.

Today I worked at job number 3 from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. That means I got up at 6:00 (when we went to bed at 2a.m.!) and drove a total of an hour there and back…in medium traffic. I also had another  “eh” day at work. I’m still very much in the settling in […]

Salty and sweet…and maybe a nap…

After the very, very long day I had today, I was a bit salty, and I came home and hurt Hubs’s feelings. Dangit. That’s not what I wanted to do. It’s times like that when I wish I had a “do over” button. But I don’t, so let’s start at the beginning. And let’s just […]

Tonight we went out to dinner…and other thoughts…

When I got home from work tonight, I was hungry. And craving fried chicken. (I was craving it last night, too, but didn’t give in, so it carried over.) All of our chicken was frozen in the freezer. So I sweetly suggested we go out. So we did. And we went to “Restaurant A” and […]

Three firsts, two lessons, and one run-on sentence.

In our first year of marriage, we’re having all sorts of “firsts.” Our first vacation together, our first Thanksgiving, our first Christmas, our first bottle of champagne…you get the idea. So, tonight, we celebrated another, or rather several: 1. Our first taxes! We’ve been prepping and getting ready, collecting W-2’s like crazy. (We had 6 […]

It’s time…

Have any of you seen the commercial that starts out with these women saying things like, “It’s time to get real about what happens in the bathroom.”? No? Just me? Well, nevermind then, but it is time, you see, for an honest, real-to-life post about our bathroom. Let me preface this by saying that for […]

This morning, it was frosty…

And after yelling out the door to stop Hubs from leaving because he forgot his lunch and needed to come back and get it, which he did, I huddled under a blanket and settled down by the window to watch him scrape the icy frost from his windows. I’m not sure why, but I find […]

Lost in the sheets…

About 9:00 this morning, I realized I could only see out of one eye. Dangit. So I rubbed a bit, carefully of course, because rubbing my eyes with my contacts in sometimes makes the contacts fall out. And I blinked a lot and tried to focus better. But to no avail. Because I still couldn’t […]

Dinner with love…

Tonight I made dinner from this: It’s a “fill-in-the-pages” recipe collection from my family, and full of love and tasty things. I’ve made 2 things from it so far: MaMa’s chicken and noodles (Success! Can’t wait to make again!) and meatloaf from my mom (I’ve made it several times before but now I don’t have […]

So much for a relaxing bath…

Last night I decided to take nice, long, hot, relaxing bubble bath. It didn’t exactly turn out that way, though. Ok, it didn’t turn out that way at all. Here’s what happened. I got into the shower to rinse off because, well, you know. Taking baths is better when my body is nice and clean. […]

Wintery, wandering thoughts

Right now, I’m sitting at home after a long afternoon and night at work, eating a late dinner and waiting for Hubs to get home from his soccer game. It’s a bummer I wasn’t able to go because I like to go and watch him. Sharing in the things he loves is one of my […]