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Wednesday Wish List: Throw Pillow Therapy

Hey friends, I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping lately as I’m working on choosing design styles and organizing my ideas for the basement family room. We haven’t decided on a couch yet, but have one we’re planning to go look at and sit on soon, and to hold myself over, I spent […]

Christmas Countdown

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Well, not really, because I have’t started decorating yet, but I’m good and ready for it to look that way now! Yup, I’m a Christmas girl. Last year, our decorating was fairly minimal, both because we didn’t have many decorations, and because we didn’t have much space […]

No more tears…

No this isn’t a commercial for some sort of extra gentle baby shampoo, but yes, I am talking about tears, the things that fall from our eyes when we are hurt or upset, not to be confused with tears, or rips in paper or clothing. The English language is confusing. Sheesh. But I did spend […]

Moving Madness

Sorry I’ve been posting less lately, guys. It’s just that we’re moving so soon and I have so much to do and our apartment is a mess and I just am too tired to write a blog post with all this other stuff going on right now. You understand, right? Of course you do, because […]

What do you want for dinner?

Last week was a busy one. With trying to pack up our apartment and paint our new house, we’re running out of all the essentials for weeknight dinners. As in our fridge has ketchup, fresh zucchini, and water inside it. That’s it. Yikes. (Ok, there’s more than that in there, but still, it’s pretty empty. […]

Being in over my head…

It’s happened more this past year than ever in the previous twenty-one or twenty-two years…combined. At least, it feels like that. Why? Well, because until this past year, I guess my life was pretty safe, stable, and some might say…easy. Ok. I said it. I had an easy life. Not that I was spoiled, but […]

Birthday Blessings

Well, guys, for those of you that didn’t know already, Saturday was my 23rd birthday. Around here, at least for me, birthdays are a special occasion. I try to make them a special occasion for Wyatt, too, but he just doesn’t get as excited as I do about these things. Luckily, Hubs was (finally) home […]

How a broken radiator taught me to trust my husband more

Last week, my car overheated on the way to get the water switched over to our name at our new house. I told you guys all about it, so of course, because you are such loyal and awesome readers, that you remember ever tiny little detail about it. In case your mind is a little […]

Was there an earthquake? And other lessons…

I learned two lessons tonight. One of them may change my marriage for the better if I’m able to really let it sink in. 1. Things will break. Yes, it was a sad night in our kitchen tonight. One of the beer glasses I got for Wyatt for Christmas this year broke in the dishwasher […]

My favorite things about summer

Hey guys. Yesterday was the first day of summer. Did you know that? Did you celebrate that? Well, you should have, if you didn’t. Remember how Hubs and I were going to go eat these awesome gourmet hotdogs to celebrate summer? Oh, you don’t remember that? Maybe it’s because you should go back and read […]

It’s been 6 months…how are YOU doing on your resolutions?

Well guys, today is the first day of summer. (insert mini celebration here) Are you still celebrating summer with me looking at these pictures? I bet you are! Hubs and I are going to celebrate tonight by heading out to a gourmet hot dog restaurant. Beacause like happiness, hot dogs also=summer. It’s a small thing, […]

Working girl blues

Well, as you guys know, I’m now working only from home every day. And I’m actually staying pretty busy, and making as much as I was during my internship days. (Still not as steady and secure as a “real” full time job, but I’m enjoying my time. Mostly. I’m certainly learning a bunch of things […]

Inside our walls…

There’s a lot that goes on inside our apartment that a lot of people don’t know about. Some of it’s pretty normal newlywed stuff. We bicker about laundry and dishes. We yell at the TV when our cable is sucking. We kiss a lot. We walk around in our skivvies all the time. (Ok, not […]

A season for change…

There’s big stuff happening in our newlywed lives. For one, we’ve now been married for more than 11 months! Almost a year! According to some, we’re almost out of the newlywed stages! Wow! On that note, I’m planning for some changes coming up for the blog. If we’re no longer newlyweds, we’ll have to think […]

Towel trouble

There are five hand towels in our bathroom. Why? Because we have a big towel rack and a little towel holder than would look naked with no towel on them. Last night while we were brushing our teeth, I took that opportunity to explain to Hubs about which towels in there that I use for […]

The 10 Best Things About Being a Newlywed

I’ve had some time to think about marriage recently, and I’ve compiled a list that I thought was important enough to share with all of you. Ready? Let’s go. (Note: This list is not at all intended to be taken totally seriously, unless of course, you are a newlywed, or can remember being one, and […]

Life happens…

Welcome to everyone who found this post via Pinterest looking for my wine-inspired graduation gift! I hope you enjoy our little corner of Blog Land and stop to look around a few other pages, like our DIY Foam Cooler Ottoman, Ruler Growth Chart, our Kitchen Renovation, and my Free Printables! Hi all, have you noticed my […]

Burn, baby burn…

This weekend, we had a great time relaxing with family and friends. We also enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D…but…we may have soaked up a little too much. We’re both burnt. Yuck. And ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Did I say Ouch already? Hubs says his armpits are the worst, since we laid on our backs with […]

Time flies…

Lately I’ve been feeling that the past year has totally and completely flown by. Yes, I know that’s something “adults” say. And that the more I say it, the more I sound like my parents, or my grandparents. But when I think back to last year at this time, when I was newly graduated and […]

Chicago on my mind…Kansas City in my heart

This weekend, Hubs and I took a bus trip to Chicago with the Cauldron. (That’s the supporters’ organization for Sporting KC.) It was our first group trip ever, other than mission trips in high school, and our first bus trip. We traveled there with Wyatt’s brother, and some friends, but also a lot of people […]

Self-soothing – “Breathe”

Hubs and I don’t have kids yet, but when we do, we’re planning to teach them to self-soothe. (After they are old enough for that, obviously. We’re not sure what age that is yet, but we’ll figure that out when we get there.) Anyway, self-soothing kids isn’t really what I wanted to talk about. I’m […]

Monday-night Weekend

Last night, Hubs and I grilled out and had a little picnic outside our apartment¬†by the lake. We’d had a hard, busy weekend full of car trouble and warrior-dashing and soccer games and fights. We needed to do something fun together. He made burgers and I sliced up some yellow squash and (Yup, you guessed […]


It’s the last of the A to Z blogging challenge posts, and I’m excited to end with something I LOVE: Zucchini. Remember when I got those giant zucchinis from my grandma and wanted to use them all up? Well, that began my love affair, and now, I’m hooked. Here’s our most recent zucchini adventures. Try […]

“V”ictories..even small ones

Remember my post yesterday about our big fight before bed on Monday? Well, last night, we celebrated our victory in overcoming that fight, continuing to learn and love and forgive each other when we fail at communicating with care, and for simply the sake of celebrating. So, we made cupcakes. And we enjoyed them. Yum. […]

“U”nderstanding Each Other

Hubs and I are different. A lot different. I am a 50% rational and 50% emotional. Usually the rational part wins over, but when it’s time to be emotional, boy, do I get emotional! Hubs is 80% rational and 20% emotional.* This can make it hard to communicate. Case in point? Last night, about 11:15pm, […]

“Q”uiet Time Together

We’re going to bed early tonight. Why? Because we need some quiet time together. It’s time to focus on some time for us. Lately, we’ve been busy a lot. House-hunting, hosting guests on our couch, work, job hunting, running races, watching TV, going to soccer games…you know, just enjoying our life together. And all that […]


Last night while we were making dinner, this happened: I didn’t drop it, I swear. I did put it on the top shelf of the cabinet and then shut the door. I really did. Or at least, I almost shut the door. Too bad the cabinet’s too full and I knocked over some other spices, […]

“O”ne thing at a time…

Right now, there’s a lot of unknowns in our life. Where will we live? Where will I work? When will I find a job? When will we move? When will we have kids? When will we get a house? Will we have the time and money to travel this year? How much should we spend […]

“N”ine o’clock bedtime…

Last night I was tired. So, so tired. I was tired because I’ve been a little sick. I was tired because I ran a half marathon on Saturday. I was tired because my body hurt… all over. So I went to bed at 9:00. Hubs and his brother stayed up to watch some show on […]


Hubs and I don’t like to fight. We don’t thrive on the drama. We don’t enjoy feeling angry or upset. But that doesn’t mean we’re always intentional like we should be. Let me put it this way: just because we aren’t intentional about picking fights with one another doesn’t mean we don’t have to be¬† […]