Short And Sweet – A Glimpse at Our Valentine’s Day Decor

By | February 11, 2016

Just stopping in to share a few quick photos of our Valentine’s mantle decor.

valentine mantle decor 2016

I have to say that switching out the chalkboard and such is something I enjoy doing, even if I don’t have much time for other projects these days. This is what it looked like before.

I bet you can’t guess why I drew three hearts on it…

valentine mantle chalkboard decor 2016

Just kidding. I’m sure you can guess.

valentine mantle chalkboard hearts decor 2016

I realize these photos aren’t earth-shattering design news since you all have seen the chalkboard before, and the wreath (I used it for Valentine’s Day last year, too. And the year before that.)

valentine mantle decorations 2016

I took down the pom pom tree but kept the rest of the decor up there from January, including the jar of our saved wine/champagne corks.

Valentine decor cork memory jar

It’s fun to look back on the corks and see what we were doing while we were drinking those bottles. Including one from Valentine’s Day when we had mimosas, apparently.

Valentine cork memory jar

I also kept the antique blue jars from January. Because they’re pretty.

antique mason jars

Oh, and I can’t forget to include a photo of my extra special Valentine’s decoration:

will valentine tigger

Cute kids count as decorations, right? I know he counts as an accessory—especially since I barely find time to get myself dressed in something other than leggings and baggy button downs these days. And he’s cuter than any outfit anyway.

will valentine tigger 2

We don’t have any romantic Valentine’s Day plans. We aren’t going to go out or anything. If I’m lucky, Wyatt will make me some pancakes (our annual tradition) and Will might sleep in to let us snuggle under the covers a little later in the morning…but I’m not holding my breath for the latter. 🙂

It’s a little harder to go out now with a “tag-along,” as my grandma would say. But I’m just fine with that. And, we’re having Wyatt’s family up this weekend to visit for his dad’s birthday, so we’ll have a nice time anyway.

How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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  1. mom

    I noticed the chalkboard/mantle, but neglected to tell you it looks nice. And (y)our little valentine is adorable!!!


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