Shipman Speedshow: Kentucky Wedding Edition

By | June 4, 2014

I finally got the video finished from our quick trip to Kentucky. And yes, there are a few random road trip goodies to be found.

Roadtrip Signs

(Including some accidental footage when I didn’t know the camera was on. Oops!)

Anyway, hope you enjoy tagging along with us for another little trip.

I think my favorite part of the video was finding the accidental cake eating photo bomb in this picture. Too funny!

Wyatt eating cake

What was your favorite part of our trip? What about your favorite part of a trip you’ve taken recently? Or maybe your favorite part of a relaxing movie you watched from your couch instead of going on an exhausting¬†awesome trip?


2 thoughts on “Shipman Speedshow: Kentucky Wedding Edition

  1. Elizabeth

    fun times. We should road trip again someday, and also play that phone game again. That was the most I’d laughed in a while.

    1. Melissa Post author

      For sure! We had a fun time…and that game was a blast! (I really enjoyed watching us laugh so much!) Thanks for traveling with us!


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