Shipman Speed Show: Florida Fun Edition

By | March 10, 2014

We’ve now been home from vacation for several days so I’ve had enough time to put together our video for you all.  (Actually, it’s for us so we can remember everything we saw and did on these fun vacations—and so we can someday show our kiddos what fun their parents had traveling around and just being silly and loving life!

Wyatt on Dolphin

But, we also really enjoy showing these fun films to you and can’t wait to share our memories with everyone.) All in all, this trip was such a blast! Not only did we get to go to the beach…

Melissa On Beach

…we also went to Disney World!


To watch our video recap, click the image below or view it directly from YouTube here.

Remember to watch closely (or more than once!) to see all our favorite moments. There’s a list at the end—leave a comment with how many you spotted!

Or, tell us your favorite part of this trip—-or your favorite part of a trip you’ve taken recently! Or your favorite part of a vacation you’re planning to take someday! Basically, let’s all just discuss how awesome vacations are, okay? 

Also, special thanks to Gabby at Living With a Boy for all her Disney advice. She helped us make the most of our short trip and directed us to some of the tastiest dishes in the park!

8 thoughts on “Shipman Speed Show: Florida Fun Edition

  1. Jillian

    I just went on my first plane ride too, and also got up at 3:00!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha! That’s funny! Hooray for early flights, huh? At least it was calm and quiet so we could rest a little!

  2. Gabby Deitsch

    Love love love! I’ve been waiting for this! So you guys decided to do two days of Disney instead of one? And hooray for Be Our Guest lunch – so glad you got reservations! AND I’m so glad the Keys to the Kingdom tour worked out! Looks like a blast. I love every single thing about vacation (except for flying)! 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      I just sent you an email with a few more details, but yes, vacation is AWESOME! So glad you were able to help us with planning this one!

  3. Ashley

    Looks like a blast! I saw the sign about manatee sighting, did you see any? That’s on my bucket list! I LOVED the voice mail from Mickey and Minnie! And I thought it was cute how you included the story about your dad and the ice cream bar! I can’t wait to hear more about it in person!


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