Secrets, Shelves, and Sneak Peaks

By | January 24, 2013

So, other than telling you guys about our Chair Room, we haven’t really shown you or told you anything about our basement.

It’s not that we’re trying to keep it a secret, it’s just there’s pretty much nothing down there except boxes and other random junk chairs stuff. Plus, we have a lot of painting/scraping/figuring out to do before it’s anywhere near as nice as the still-in-progress upstairs level.

So, I’m pleased to give you another little sneak peak into our very large, very unused basement.

This is the Storage Room, the official storage room, anyway.

There are actually 3 current storage rooms down there, plus a big closet. Yikes.

(Hmmm… Is this a hint that we need to go through a bunch of stuff and rid out the excess junk chairs projects we might never get to?)

Anyway, these white metal shelves were left here by the previous owner (how nice of him, right?) and even though I hate them because they’re hard to manipulate and they pinch my fingers when I try to move them, they do provide a great way to help keep all these boxes off the ground.

They don’t, however, offer such a great storage option for my collection of jars (culled from my mom’s basement and my Grandmas’ extras for future canning/kitchen storage/vases/chandelier/etc.). See all the empty space between the two rows of jars?

Not so efficient, huh?

So, I remembered a small bookshelf by mom had in her basement that wasn’t being used. I think my great-grandfather made it way back in the day when he worked for the railroad and the union was on strike or something so the workers didn’t have anything to do. (I could have that all wrong…my dad knows the story, I need to listen to it better the next time he tells it I guess…)

Anyway, it’s pretty small but very solid and eventually, I think I want to paint it up (go figure!) and use it in the nursery or something to hold toys and books and other kid-sized stuff.

However, my parents tend to enjoy bringing stuff up to our house as soon as I mention I might want it now that we have this awesome basement storage space and their basement’s much smaller and unfinished and well, full. (Sorry to admit that to everyone, Mom!) So when they visited last weekend, the shelves came too.

The lived in the garage for a few days while I contemplated what to do with them until I finally broke down and carried them down to the storage room since I hated that they weren’t being used and for some reason, the inefficient jar storage just really bothered me.

(Why I’m not more bothered by the 22 chairs down there, who knows? Maybe I need to talk to a chair therapist–a chairapist…wow…sorry for that. Actually, I’m not really sorry–I’m still smiling over here about that little pun!)

Anyway, so the shelves now have a home in the basement holding all the jars!

It’s not the perfect arrangement as far as storage is concerned but it’s a start to the major organizing overhaul that needs to take place down there. And their smaller shelf-size is much better suited to storing the jars.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of sneak peaks, here’s a little glimpse at another bundle of joy my parents brought up with them:

This pile of old boards may not look like much now but it used to be a giant table that was used in the basement of our old church until it got thrown on a trash pile and then rescued by my dad for us to use as our future kitchen table!

Stay tuned for more table news!

Until then, tell me about your secrets, your shelves, or even send me a sneak peak into what you’ve got coming up in your life! We love comments, tweets, and emails, so don’t be shy!

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