Searching for inspiration…

By | January 31, 2012

Lately, I haven’t been feeling all that inspired to write a blog post. (Sorry!)

I think it’s because I’ve been a bit bummed out the past two days. I’ll not get into all of it, but basically, the job search and some other random, silly things have been working on me.

So, I’ll just use this post to list some pros and cons of my day as a housewife today. Hopefully it’ll lead me somewhere that has a little more inspiration.

1. (Pro!) I woke up in the arms of the man I love today. Yes, I was waking up at 3 am because I had to get up and pee, but still, I think it counts.

2. (Con…) After leisurely enjoying some extra minutes while Hubs was getting ready for work, I had to quickly jolt out of bed this morning because he needed his phone charger to take to work and I had stashed it somewhere when we were packing up from our visit home this weekend. Rubbing my very dry, not-awake eyes in the morning while semi-frantically looking for two pieces of a phone charger wasn’t a great beginning to my day.

3. (Con…) Work today wasn’t too fun. We were a bit understaffed and the phone rang nonstop the entire time I was there. As in there were 2-3 people on hold waiting for me to answer their call for a significant portion of the day. Not too fun.

4. (Pro!) It was a beautiful day today so when I got home from work, I changed into my shorty shorts and pulled on my running shoes. And I did a pretty-slow, super-awesome 4.5 miles.

The run-tracker of my run today. I'm trying out using Endomondo to track my runs.

It was so so so needed. And yes, I’m still semi-out of shape, and yes, I’m semi-freaking out about the half marathon I signed up for in April, and yes I’m semi-sore afterwards. Oh, and I’m using “semi” “semi-too-much”

5. (Con…) I got some disappointing news concerning a job today.

6. (Pro!) I got some good news concerning a job today.

I’ll explain those two later.

7. (Pro!) I deposited some money into our saving account today! Down payment fund is one step closer! Woo!

8. (Pro!) I had time to cook a real dinner tonight. I made little cube steaks with breading. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to. In fact, I’d only rate it a six or so. But the rice and vegetables were good and I liked the meat okay. I’ll do it again someday soon and try something a little different.

9. (Con…) I’m still a bit bummed out in general. I’m not totally sure why, but I’m just feeling not myself. I’m hoping to shake this with some good quality time tonight, both with Hubs and a bottle of white wine, and  some quiet prayer and time in the Old Testament.

10. (Pro!) I had to end on a high note so I saved a good one for last. Hubs wrote me a haiku today! And in response, I wrote two back to him. It was fun, silly, and happy. Here’s one for you guys. Wanna accept a fun challenge? Write one back to me!

Writing a poem is

a great way to make me smile

Hubs knows me too well!

9 thoughts on “Searching for inspiration…

  1. Karyl

    You have lots to be grateful for. Maybe your recent sadness is just hormonal or moodiness. 🙂

    1. melissashipman Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement! I do have SO MUCH to be grateful for! I’m still not sure where this is coming from, but I promise to not whine at you guys much longer!


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