Right Now…What Vacation Does to An Otherwise Clean House

By | July 12, 2013

If you’re wondering about the title of this post, I offer you exhibit A:

After Vacation Mess 4When we left last week, we had cleaned the entire house. I feel better leaving a clean house when we leave, even if it’s just for the night somewhere. It’s just nice to come home to a nice, tidy home.

(Plus, both of our mothers would be visiting our house while we were gone. Additional motivation to leave things neat and tidy, right?)

But now that we’ve been here a couple of days, the kitchen still looks like that…mostly because my office looks like this:

After Vacation MessTurns out playing catch-up with work from a home office while also trying to clean up the house doesn’t end well for anyone or any room.

Least of all, the bedroom, which has become laundry-folding central. YIKES.

After Vacation Mess 2It’s enough to make me want to sleep on the guest bed. Oops…or not…

After Vacation Mess 3The living room isn’t much better, but it’s high on the list to tackle first thing this evening.

After Vacation Mess 5Actually, I’m determined to have all of this tackled before hitting the sheets tonight. It’s my birthday weekend. And no one can enjoy their special day when surrounded by this chaos, I’m convinced. Still, I’m super blessed to have had a great time away, and to have enough work to keep me this busy when I got back.

Here’s to a night of progress and being totally and brutally and embarrassingly honest with the world.

Now it’s your turn, be honest with me about something. Is your house a disaster after vacation too or are you a super fast cleaner-upper? 






6 thoughts on “Right Now…What Vacation Does to An Otherwise Clean House

  1. Elizabeth

    Things were looking clean”er” as I prepared for Matt coming home today, but then I got to working on a project outside and it was so hot when I came in that I just laid everything on the dining room table, and since the project is not done, I’ll probably just leave it there. Plus there is lots of mail built up because Matt usually fills out the bills. Oh well, we don’t have much planned tomorrow – cleaning day!

  2. Mary

    Hubby and I are currently living in my parent’s finished basement while we work on our new house. (We have a 9 month old so moving in before you remodel a bathroom and painting doesn’t work out so well, plus extra snuggles with grandparents are the best!) We leave for family camp (hubby’s church/family camp he’s gone to all his life) tomorrow and there’s SO many things to pack…it must look WORSE before it can ever look better! I had to dig through our packed boxes to find sheets, towels, travel stuff, etc. Ugg! Can’t wait until hubby gets home to help me!

  3. Whitney M.@ themarriedme.com

    You are so brave to share those pictures! Seriously, I would never have the guts. My house is equally as messy. I have an office that is more like a junk room that has been a mess since at least May(?). It needs so much clean out since I’m done with school and I don’t even know where to start! Also I still have a half unpacked suitcase in our bedroom from almost 3 weeks ago ( I DESPISE UNPACKING). My kitchen is dirty. I have an overflowing basket full of clothes and towels and sheets to fold (that I honestly just don’t want to tackle by myself). All that said…don’t judge! haha! 😉

    Have a great birthday weekend!


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