Pumpkin adventures

By | October 25, 2011

Wyatt and I love to carve pumpkins. More about that later… It’s our favorite tradition. (It used to be our only tradition…)

And on Friday, we bought some pumpkins and did some carving…in our little apartment…in our living room. (We may do some more carving this weekend with some pumpkins my grandma dropped off for us at my mom’s house.)

Good thing I save all our ads and newspapers for recycling (or in this case reusing to save me from having to clean our carpets!)

We usually pick sort of random things to carve into our pumpkins. We don’t like to do the traditional basic faces…though every year when our hands are sore and tired from cutting and scraping, we wish we would have!

Wyatt’s really the carving genius. I enjoy the creative part and the fun of how unique it is to use vegetables into art. But this is Wyatt’s thing. He would do it all year round if he could. Probably. That’s an inference on my part.

My happy hubby. We love pumpkin carving!

The one negative to carving? The mess. Yikes.

It's all sticky and stringy and gooey and gross. But awesome.

Aren’t things that are messy usually more fun anyway?

We didn't have these last year at this time!

And after a few hours, a big mess, and a good time, we had our newest carved creations.

For effect, here’s the before…

And the after!

The fast food pumpkins! (Wyatt's is the hamburger...even better in person!)

And of course, the view of them outside by our door.

Who cares if only our neighbors see them since we live on the third floor? We see them!

There’s something so exciting about seeing lit pumpkins. It just makes me smile.

Our first "married" pumpkins!

What about you? Did you already carve your pumpkins? Any tips or tricks? Special memories or ideas? 

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin adventures

  1. Donita

    They look great, as usual. I did hear a “trick” for scooping out the insides on Rachael Ray yesterday—they said to use an Ice Cream Scoop and start at the top and spiral down, scrapping all the way. Then just turn the pumpkin over and all the “innerds” come out. It seemed to work on TV, maybe you could try it this weekend.

  2. Jennifer Gordon

    Hubby and I haven’t carved ours yet… we picked a pumpkin out on Saturday though! I’m not very creative, so he does all of the carving. I do the gutting ( I LOVE it!) Last year he carved a howling wolf into our pumpkin. It was a stencil, but it was cool. Yours look awesome! Now just to find a pumpkin pie recipe for the other pumpkin…:)


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