Not-so-basic Baskets

By | November 13, 2013

While I was painting the glass bowl I used to plant one of my terrariums, I grabbed two plain, cheapo Walmart baskets we were using to hold random clutter in the living room and decided to give them a little upgrade as well.

Plain Baskets Before

I have to say that this project hardly qualifies as a project since it only took me about 10 minutes and I was using leftover paint up while I waited for a shirt that was soaking in bleach. (It was laundry day…)

Painting baskets

Still, I think they turned out cute so I wanted to share.

I basically just painted a few stripes, following the natural weave of the basket as a guide.

For the dashes, I was as careful as I could be (considering how fast I did this) to keep the paint off the surrounding edges but you can see I got out of the lines a little bit.

Finished Painted Baskets 2

I kind of like the hand painted look it gives, though, so I’m not upset about it.

Anyway, here’s the finished look, with both of them together, chilling in the living room waiting to be filled what whatever random bits and pieces Wyatt leaves around the house.

Finished Painted Baskets 3

Just kidding, sort of. 🙂

I think they look a lot more modern and well, intentional than they did before. Here’s the comparison shot:

Plain Baskets Before 3


And the after shot:

Finished Painted Baskets

Have you ever painted baskets? I first saw the idea of Young House Love, go figure. (I talk about them a lot, don’t I?) I have to admit I would have never considered trying it if hers hadn’t turned out so cute! Go see for yourself!

And if you don’t like baskets, just take a minute to tell me about your day! I’d love to hear!

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