Nook Drawer Reveal (AKA: No More Big Hole in the Cabinet!)

By | March 6, 2015

Yesterday, Wyatt shared the post about all the steps we took when creating the nook. It’s finally done, or at least the bottom part is. If you missed it, find it here.

Here’s the reminder of how everything looked before.



Then, it looked like this after we refreshed the kitchen in Phase 1. Our pantry (in the entryway to/from the garage) plus a half-finished cabinet we removed the doors from and never replaced with glass ones. We also had the rolling cart Wyatt made when we moved in to replace the desk.

spring kitchen hutch

Then we demoed it out and made room for our little nook area.

Kitchen Demo Work Nook Area

Then we starting building it back.

Built in Kitchen Nook Structure

I remember these steps taking forever. Sometimes feeling like we’d never make it to the finish line. (And holy cow, remember when our pantry was in the living room the entire time? Sheesh!)

New Granite Kitchen Counter Top 6

But now, we’re all the way to this point. And it looks great! Not quote done, but great. And the bottom is done, which means we’re super close.

Finished Nook Drawer

I think the pull looks great. They seem to be the perfect size and they match the smaller ones we got at Home Depot that were $5 each.

Stainless Steel Hardware Drawer Pull 2

And it was a steal considering we got two of these stainless steel giant handles for $9.99 from Ikea. I don’t even know what we’ll do with the other one, and I don’t care. It was cheap!

Finished Nook Drawer with Ikea Drawer Pull

Just look how pretty! (And ignore the stuff on the counter that will eventually go on the shelves we still have to build.)

Finished Nook Drawer 3

I can’t even tell you how nice it is to look over and not see a giant hole in the cabinet. Also, do you see those bookshelves in the living room? Goodness, look at those fancy things. It’s like we’re living in an almost done dream home over here! 🙂

Finished Nook Drawer 2

Now we’re on to the shelves we’re customizing for the upper cabinets. One step closer to a completely finished kitchen.

Tell me, and be honest, are you tired on hearing about this never-ending remodel? 

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