No Longer In the Weeds

By | July 16, 2014

This post is only about not being in literal weeds. We are still in the weeds if you’re using that as an expression to describe our never-ending kitchen remodel or the amount of clutter on my desk.

But, to get back on track, this is an example of what our front yard landscaping looked like for the past few weeks:

Weedy Front Flowerbeds 4

Yes, it was awful and overrun by weeds.

Weedy Front Flowerbeds 3

For a refresher, this is what it looked like last year after we totally redid the landscaping:

Finished Front Landscaping 2

And all those little black spots in the photo below? Those are weed barrier sightings where the mulch was too thin, or where the darn birds had moved it around while digging for worms or whatever else they find so attractive in the ground…

Weedy Front Flowerbeds 2

It’s been driving me crazy, but between the hot days and the frequent rain, we’ve been battling the weeds all spring and summer. I’ve gone out to tend that area a few times but was only able to get a few at a time, because let’s face it, anytime we have outside to work is usually devoted to the garden at this point.

(We’re still battling bugs and other issues out there, but the harvests are going pretty well so far! Follow us on instagram to see our #DailyHarvest photos!)

So, last night, when it was gorgeous outside, and since Wyatt was mowing the yard before we headed out to dinner, I decided it was time to tackle the mess.

One reason it looked so bad was because the flowers we planted there last year spread like crazy and had sprouted up all over. I knew that would happen, but I was willing to take the risk because I thought I could manage it.

Weedy Front Flowerbeds

Famous last words.

In all seriousness, though, one good reason for choosing the pink coneflower was to attract special friends to our house:

Bee in Coneflowers

Yup, bees!

We are a bee-friendly household around here, and although I dislike things with stingers, I’m learning to make my peace with these little guys because otherwise, we won’t have any produce in our garden. And without produce in the garden, it’s just a bunch of work for no rewards.

So, we now kill wasps like it’s going out of style (and any hornets we happen to see) but try and play nicely with the bees.

And I have to admit, there’s something so summery about seeing a bee landing nicely on a pretty pink flower in the sun, am I right?

Bee on Summer Flower

We even grabbed a few more of those coneflowers to plant out back in the garden since the bees seem to like them so much!

Anyway, here’s where I ended up after pulling up all the weeds.

Piles of weeds from from flower bed

You can see I got several pretty big piles. It was embarrassing, I tell you. But weeding flower beds is hard to manage when I’d rather be picking zucchini and tending my tomatoes, or painting my new kitchen. Because to be completely honest, even the garden has been a little ignored lately with all the work on the kitchen.

Luckily, we had saved two bags of cedar mulch from when we remulched the garden earlier this year and we were able to spread those thinly over the bed after I removed every single weed out there, even the tiny ones.

When we were ready to head inside to get ready for dinner, this is what the final result was:

Front Landscaping After Weeding 2

Way, way better.

And I no longer hang my head in shame as I walk into and out of the house.

Of course, we won’t discuss any of the other flower beds around out house…because those look even worse than this one did. Seriously, seriously awful. Plus, I know there will probably be new weeds out there tonight that weren’t there last night…

But, at least we’re out of the weeds, for now.

Front Landscaping After Weeding

So, are you in the weeds? Out of the weeds? Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets behind on taking care of our landscaping!

6 thoughts on “No Longer In the Weeds

  1. Gabby Deitsch

    Ugh every time I come to my house or leave it, the weeds just drive me INSANE. I just pulled them! You gave me motivation to get rid of ours.

    1. Melissa Post author

      So glad I could help. It’s so much better to have them done! But it really, really isn’t fun while you’re working on it!

  2. Mary

    Wow! You call that bad weeds? You should see our garden! It hasn’t been touched in years!! All weeds…probably nearing 2-3 feet tall!!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Well, I spent years working for a (very particular) landscaping company, so weeds are bothersome to me. I certainly have WAY worse weeds in other areas, it’s just that we JUST redid this flower bed, so I want it to stay looking nice.


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