New Hope for the Zukes

By | July 15, 2013

We replanted this weekend, guys. And I have new-found hope that we might see a few more zucchini before the first frost.

I’m still skeptic, however, since these guys are soooo small compared to the ones we took out. Remember how big they were?

Zucchini Borer Before Removal

On the same hopeful note I started this post with, I wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to the nursery that was our saving grace.

After calling and visiting about 6 local nurseries, we didn’t find any zucchini or squash plants still available. Yes, we could start from seeds, but I was more hopeful that we’d have results if we could find some plants.

Enter Farrand Farms.



It’s the biggest, nicest greenhouse I’ve ever been to. It’s really amazing. 

And when I told the nice lady there that we’d lost our zucchini and were on the hunt for replacements, she gave us three plants. Yup, gave them, as in we didn’t pay for them.

She said it’s because she was getting ready to throw them out, but I think she also maybe felt sorry for us.

New Zucchini

I’nervous that this may be for nothing (less nervous since the plants were free). Still, some of the experts I’ve talked to (namely: my grandma) say we still have a lot of time left in the season and that zucchini may grow fast enough for us to get a second harvest.

One positive is that the carrots are getting more light, so maybe they’ll have a growth spurt.


I know that I shouldn’t be too excited, but I can’t help feel hopeful. What do you think? Think we’ll make it to a new harvest before it gets too cold? Has this ever happened to you?

Also, I know we’ve been very “Garden, Garden, Garden” lately over here, but it’s been such a big part of our every-day life it’s hard not to share it with you guys. It’s our biggest DIY project to date, you might say. I promise we have some other more house-oriented projects in the works, so stay tuned!


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