More Pinning, More Winning

By | March 1, 2013

I realize the title of this post may seem a bit like I’m bragging, but really, I’m just excited that I’m actually doing some of the things I’ve been pinning, I mean planning, on doing for the past few months.

We already shared Wyatt’s Pinterest Project, which went super awesome:


And my Pinterest project, which also went pretty well, if I do say so myself.


Now, we’ve been meaning to do these projects for awhile now, but just never got the gumption up to get started. Enter John and Sherry’s Pinterest challenge.

While in the progress of going through all of my pins, (there are currently 686 of them, and counting), I found a whole bunch of things that were easy and fast, and oh so smart. And though I narrowed down our two “main” projects to the mirror and the apple stamping pillow, I’ve also been inspired to tackle a few others just for the heck of it.

1. The boot storage solution.


I couldn’t find the original source for this but when I saw it, a light immediately clicked. As much as I like stuffing them full of old Wal-Mart bags and other random trash to get them to stand up straight, it never works as well as it should. And yes, I have a boot-stuffer-cat-thing that my mom gave me (from the 70s? Or earlier?) that I use, but I have nine (10 if you count rain boots…) pairs of boots and I need more than one storage solution, it seems.


I’m currently using this for the 3 pairs of flat boots I have and wear most often.

(Yes, my husband and I are the same height, so no, I don’t wear a ton of high heels when we go out together. Plus, I like these better for everyday use anyway.)

I’d prefer they hung a little lower to the ground, but this works pretty well considering they used to sit in a pile on the floor directly under where they now hang. Plus, I already had the extra hangers, so this free little projects is voted a success, I think.


2. Homemade “Chik-fil-a” sauce.



I found this on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and didn’t pin it, thinking I’ll never actually make that. However, we’ve been making more “fried” chicken lately (just had come baked, breaded chicken this week) and chik-fil-a sauce is the bomb-dot-com in our household (I gave some to Hubs in his stocking this year!) so I thought, why not?


It turned out pretty well actually. And I’ll definitely be making this again, with possible variations on the brand/amount of mustard, mayo, and vinegar. (I’ve also seen recipes that use lemon juice instead so I may try that…)

I even have a couple other projects in mind for the coming week. Who knew Pinterest could make me so productive?

Tell me your favorite Pinterest-inspired projects! Or do you just like to look at all the eye-candy?


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