Meet Rhonda 2.0

By | January 21, 2015

Ok, we haven’t officially settled on a name, but I wanted to go ahead and share how we spent last night…

New Honda

Yep, we said goodbye to good old Rhonda the Honda and replaced her with the same car…only 19 years newer. We didn’t get a brand new one. It’s a 2009 Accord, but it’s quite an upgrade, let me tell ya!

New Accord Mileage

Crazy to think Rhonda had just almost 320,000 miles. What a car, she was!

Rhonda Final Mileage

I’ll admit, these pregnancy hormones made me more than a little sentimental to say goodbye to the giving tree of cars, but I know it was time. With Beanie coming in 6 months, we need a second vehicle that has airbags and modern seat belts. Plus, we agreed that when Wyatt got his next raise (which happened last fall), we would buy a newer car.

Still, I made Wyatt stand next to her for one last photo before we left. He wasn’t enthused, but cooperated enough for me to snap this blurry photo.

Goodbye Rhonda

And even though I find myself feeling a little concerned about the money from time to time, I know that in order to drive the car home, you have to pay the money. That’s just how it goes. And we’ll be fine, I’m sure. We have Rowanda to take care of us now! (Ha!)

Just kidding. Maybe. It’s one of the top name finalists. If only it was this easy (and fun!) to choose a name for Beanie!

So, what did you do last night? Ever felt sentimental about buying a new car and replacing an old one? Maybe I’m just a crazy pregnant lady for feeling that way…

10 thoughts on “Meet Rhonda 2.0

  1. laurenbtrain

    Wow. Rhonda seriously was the giving tree of cars with that kind of mileage! Glad you upgraded too! I get emotional about cars – but now I dont miss my old and am in love with the one I have had for 4 years…her name is Hattie. 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      Rhonda was the best with that mileage. I even got Wyatt a Honda high mileage t-shirt (there’s a club!) Tell Hattie I said hello!

  2. sbrooks52111

    We replaced my Toyota Corolla with a Chevy Traverse last year! We had two in carseats (still do) so the Corolla was just WAY too crowded. I was sentimental about saying goodbye as it was my first car and it was paid off, but I LOVE the Traverse! You will love driving around in that new car!! Congrats!!!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks! Glad I’m not the only one who thought it was hard to say goodbye. I’m sure be singing the new car’s praises though, too. Thanks for sharing!


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