Meet Chester, and Mr. Professor

By | February 13, 2013

We have news, guys. Big, strong news.

We brought two handsome men into our home this past week.

I’d like to introduce you to Chester:


And his brother, The Professor:professor1

We finally found the bedroom furniture we wanted. It’s big enough to be super functional with LOTS of big drawers, but it’s not too masculine so I don’t feel like I’m living in a bachelor bad with a bunch of boys.

I see Professor (mine of the two) to be tall and strong but also a bit nerdy and smart.


In human form, a professor who is also big, tough, and strong… I’m thinking someone like Indiana Jones… or Ross Geller. (Just kidding, but that was a good reference, right?)

Chester, is similar. Although not as sleek, he’s still fashionable, sophisticated, and just an all around good guy.


We’re mostly finished moving into these guys and they are situated in the room where they’ll be permanently, but we’re still working on moving in around them. We plan to move some of the things we have on the walls, as well as find a few good objects to place on the top of each.

Tell me: Any exciting new men (or women) in your life? Do you name and personify your furniture? Do you know what the word “personify” means? (Sorry, I had an English-major moment there…)

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10 thoughts on “Meet Chester, and Mr. Professor

  1. Melissa Post author

    Yikes! Glad it’s all worked out, at least I hope it is all worked out by now! Your furniture does look great, though!

    1. Mary

      Thanks, it was our wedding gift from my parents but we waited to get it because our other apartment could barely fit anything! We wanted to wait until we could open the drawers. 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      These are Ashley Millennium, one of the “higher end” Ashley collection lines, although still a very economical option. I believe the line is called “Holloway.” We found them in a few local furniture stores and chose the place with the best price. Hope you find them in your area!

      1. Aimee

        Thanks for the info. There’s an Ashley Furniture outlet not far from me, so I’ll check it out.


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