Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

By | August 12, 2013

We finally got around to doing some shopping for our bedroom and had decent luck, all things considered.

(We accidentally went to the mall during the tax-free weekend. Yikes.)
We bought a mattress protector for our new mattress. Nothing fancy there, but it’s a necessity.


(It’s to protect our new mattress, which we scored for a great deal on Groupon.)

new mattress
Then, we finally found a couple decor items for on top of the tall dresser in there.
I’ve been wanting to get a big vase that would fill the space between the top of the dresser and ceiling. But, I’m kind of picky. I’m also find of cheap.

These two white milk-bottle inspired pieces from Target fit both of those needs.
They are funky enough to be unique, but classic enough to seem more modest and less attention-grabbing. (Some of the ones we looked at were just more flashy than we needed.)

Master Bedroom Decor
We’re going for a comfortable, sophisticated, classic look in there (Not sure you can tell that yet!) so I think they fit in with that pretty well. Plus, Hubs liked them, which is always a bonus.

Milk Jug Vases
And they were pretty cheap. We paid about $20 for both of them, on clearance at Target.

Here’s how they look with a bit more styling. I added in some of our other decor items, for good measure.

Master Bedroom Decor 5

Needless to say, I’m not sure how it will end up, and I’ve moved things around a few times already.

Master Bedroom Decor 2
We still have a bunch of work to do in this room before it’s “finished.”

Here’s the list:

  • Make a new bed (This is a big one!)
  • Hang curtains (in progress)
  • Add/redecorate with accessories.
  • New bedding (I want something soft, white and fluffy, like a luxurious hotel, at least that’s what I’m thinking right now.) (We have a beautiful quilt too, which I’d love to use more as an accent.)
  • New nightstand for Wyatt’s side of the bed
  • Some sort of bench or chair for putting on shoes
  • Some sort of basket to keep the throw pillows in when they aren’t on the bed
  • Artwork (Either make some of hang up some things we already have.)

Master Bedroom Decor 4

Tell me what updates are on your list. Do you want to spruce up a bedroom? Bathroom? How about a kitchen? I’d love to hear what’s on your list!

4 thoughts on “Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

  1. Melissa Howard

    I love all your ideas, as well as the new milk-jug-esque vases you bought. A basket to put throw pillows in — why haven’t I done that?! Also, I think a big fluffy white spread would look beautiful in your room. Good luck with your searching!

  2. mom

    I like the milk jugs!….. going to send you something I saw on pinterest about the throw pillows that I liked, maybe you will too.


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