LovingHere Usborne


It’s no secret we LOVE books in this household. We have shelves and shelves and shelves of them, in literally every room of our house! But, I believe books truly change lives, and change the world. They teach kids to dream and imagine and explore. They teach all of us about this crazy world we live in. And, even more than that, reading with children creates lasting memories and sets them up for a lifetime of learning.

That’s why I joined Usborne Books and More, to help YOU find the perfect books for the readers in your life, whether that’s your own kiddos, your sister’s cousin’s baby, or even yourself!

I feel about books the way some people feel about stray animals–I just want them all to have a good home! Ha!

One of the great things about Usborne is that they love to give away FREE BOOKS. If that sounds fun to you, try hosting a party with me! I’d love to answer any questions you have. Just send me an email at lovinghereusborne (at) gmail.com and I’d love to share more about hosting, or even the business side of Usborne. (Spoilers: You get a 25% discount on every order!!)

I have also committed to supporting adoption through my Usborne business. Click here for more information!

And, CLICK HERE to shop at any time.