A Little Living Room Lift – Or, Why I <3 Curtain Rings

By | December 8, 2016

It’s been a busy few months around here, with very little progress or projects. But, I did made a little change in the living room a couple weeks ago by adding curtain rings to the window treatments in there.

Let me just first explain that I realize this is NOT an earth-shattering post. You may even already have curtain rings on all your curtains. But I hadn’t used them until the past year or so, so consider this both a confession and a public service announcement: you can get curtain rings anywhere and they are relatively inexpensive. But, they are such a great way to add a tiny bit of length to curtains that are slightly too short, and they just tend to look better in my opinion, they flow and fold a little bit nicer because they are only attached to the rod in a few places rather than bunched all the way across.

The ones I grabbed this time were from Ikea, but I’ve also bought them from Target, or wherever else you shop I’m sure has them, too.


In our case, I wanted to lengthen the curtains just a tad so they pool ever so slightly instead of brushing the floor because we lost a little height when we took the carpet out and added hardwood.

Not only does it add a little length, but they also slide a lot smoother. That is good and bad, really. Bad, because they move easier when Will pulls on them, but good for the same reason. Before, they barely slid on the curtain rod, but they moved enough for Will to realize they moved, which made him yank harder on them. Now, they slide easier, so he finds it fun rather than challenging. It’s unlikely he’d be able to pull them off the wall, but better safe than sorry.

Of course, we don’t encourage playing with the curtains. In fact, I don’t really allow it, but sometimes, the toddler is a little quicker than I am, and sometimes the curtains are too tempting to not explore a little bit.


Other than that, I just like how the rings look. And for only a few bucks a package from Ikea, and 2 minutes to install them, it was a little update that no one besides me probably cares about or would even notice. But I like it, and that’s what matters.

And honestly, even a little project like that felt significant in a month where we were crazy busy, and crazy sick, so pretty much nothing else got done. It felt like, “Well, at least I did SOMETHING.”

Speaking of doing something, I got a comment the other day about how our house always looks clean in photos, and lest you think I’m living in a fairy world over here, here’s a shot of the curtain rings installed…and how my living room looks right this second.


Ever have projects like that? That feel insignificant and significant at the same time? Or is that much self-reflection about DIY projects only something that happens in my own head?

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