Light and Day

By | October 14, 2014

An entire post about light bulbs might seem a little silly, but this has changed my world, you guys. Seriously.

On Sunday after church, Wyatt and I went to Home Depot to get some new, hopefully better, brighter bulbs for the can lights in our kitchen. We figured we’d find something more expensive and slightly better and come home feeling pretty good about the whole process.

As it turns out, after talking to the lighting employee for several minutes, we came home after spending $120 on light bulbs feeling a little unsure. (We needed them for other rooms as well, our bathroom had 3 burnt out bulbs, my office had 1, the living room had 2…we’ve been living in the dark, people!).

The guy had sold us on these LED can light bulbs that were, get this $20 a bulb. CRAZY! So crazy I never would have considered it had I been there by myself.

LED Light bulb

But these were LED lights, guaranteed to last us a MINIMUM of 10 years. As in, if, within 10 years, our light bulb burns out and we have our proof of purchase date, they will give us a replacement bulb for free. (I’m keeping the receipt in the filing cabinet so I don’t lose it!)

So, that means our $20 bulbs are now only $2 a year…at the most. The bulbs are actually rated for more years than the warranty covers, and of course it depends on how many hours you actually use them per day. (The average is 6, so that’s what they are going on for their 10 year warranty, which I’d say is pretty decent.

And not only will these bulbs last a long time, they are the brightest, whitest light I could have imagined for our kitchen. I’m telling you, even with the white cabinets and such, it felt dark in our kitchen a lot of time. Turns out, we just had crappy lights!

See the difference?

New led light bulbs in kitchen

Wowza, huh?

Seriously, just look at the yucky old dark yellow light compared to the bright white LED. Hello sunshine and happiness, my kitchen is no longer in a cave of darkness!

New led light bulbs in kitchen 2

As a side note, if you get these lights, all other lights will look yellow and dim in comparison. See the different with the lights in our range hood?

Installed Range Hood in Kitchen with Light

We also switched out our living room lights to avoid having a white room and yellow room right next to each other. (Luckily the same color, “Daylight,” lights for our ceiling fixture in there were only $2 for 4 lights (including an instant KCP&L rebate). MUCH more affordable and still looks fabulous.

I’m telling you guys, this has been a transformational experience for me.

Have you ever fallen head over heels for a light bulb…no? Just me? Seriously?

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  1. Cris

    I switched every light bulb in the house for LED bulbs in January and tracked the savings throughout the year. You’ll see (or you should) a decrease in your actual energy bill. There was a $30 per month difference with LEDs. I also checked online to find the best price… Amazon has some really good ones at a good price if you change out the rest!


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