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By | August 6, 2014

Guys, I’m taking a break today from kitchen talk and garden stuff to talk about a book I was given an opportunity to review and share with you.

300w banner Newly revised and expanded, Interrupted tells the story of Jen Hatmaker‘s realization that the church wasn’t really following God’s call to serve the world. From Amazon, “She was far too busy doing church than being church, even as a pastor’s wife, an author of five Christian books, and a committed believer for 26 years. She discovered she had missed the point.”

In Jen’s words, “I believe it includes the most pressing spiritual issues of our generation, the ones we struggle through and end up feeling alone and crazy if we don’t find the right companions, the right language, the right tribe. It tells of the season when Jesus won me over from stale, predictable religion and captured my heart for the poor, the misunderstood, the outcast, and my neighbor. I realized Jesus was Good News but I was not and sometimes church wasn’t.”


I’m not sure exactly why this story spoke to me, but I have a few suspicions.

First of all, Jen Hatmaker is a funny, Godly woman who I connect with on some strange level. She’s a mother of 5, I have no kids. She’s traveled the world, speaking and doing big things. I’ve been in a plane two times, ever, and don’t know if I’ve ever done something that counts as “big” in the grand scheme of things.

But today, I’m doing a small thing in hopes that it might inspire someone else (and myself) to do a few more small things. Things that may be small, but that make a difference.

Things like bringing bags of garden produce our neighbors, whom we barely ever see (our corner of the community isn’t very social, and we’re the youngest, by far).

Things like giving away our excess to bless those who have little and intentionally loving those around us who need love. Serving those who need help. Connecting with people. Blessing them in whatever small ways we can.

Second of all, there was one passage that particularly struck me as being super important. It’s written by Jen’s husband Brandon on how important it is for couples to be on mission together.

“So, fifteen years ago, I began to pray, “God don’t move in me unless You move in jen. In fact, for the big things, move in her heart first.” I believe God wants us to see Him clearly, so I literally asked Him to reaffirm His hand through Jen in all things big, that we might be in unity.” -Interrupted

He goes on, but I was struck by how huge this concept is. In ministry, in mission work, in big life decisions about job opportunities and families. How often do we pray for clarity, pray for answers, pray for direction, only to struggle to understand if we’re really “getting it.” It’s a simply concept, but by truly focusing on praying for direction, as a couple, I think life will likely get a lot clearer.

After that passage caught my attention early on in the book, I was hooked for the rest of the story. It was powerful and challenging to reflect on exactly how we’re living as a church, as disciples, but I think with a little help, and a lot of small, intentional actions, we’ll be on our way to a better world.

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Jen’s book is available for pre-order here. (And you can get a 20% discount through August 10!)

How about you? Ever felt interrupted from the everyday routine we fall into? Have you felt a need to be more intentional in your interactions and attitudes?

*I received a free advance copy of this book for review, but no compensation for this post.

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