In Case You May Have Noticed…

By | May 16, 2014

This week has been all about realizing I’d forgotten to tell you guys about a particular step we took in the kitchen project. First, I filled you in on all the little-shown but big-time spent projects Wyatt’s had to tackle in the kitchen. Things like wiring and plumbing.

Gluing new pipes for kitchen

I also realized that if you were really observant, you would have seen a sliver of another forgotten update in the basement if you look to the far left of the photo below…

Garage Sale Mess In Basement

Yup, that’s our guest bed…in the basement.

We decided we needed the space in our spare room on the main floor to store kitchen stuff (from our cabinets) and other supplies.  (like so so so so many boxes of flooring).

Messy guest room with kitchen stuff and flooring

Before the garage sale mess exploded all over the basement, it was actually not a bad little area…

Guest Room in Basement

But, now, it looks like this…

Garage Sale Mess in Basement 2

Someone tell me why I’m willing to show you all my messy corners and secret stashes? Is it because you are very nice and nonjudgemental people? Yea, I thought that was why. 🙂

Tell me where you’re hiding a mess, or stashing a guest bed and 700 sq. feet of flooring that still needs to be installed! Or maybe just what you’re doing this weekend…we’re working on the house, and the garden…and the garage sale…so no fun plans for us!


2 thoughts on “In Case You May Have Noticed…

  1. Lindsay

    hey at least you have a guest bed! Eric and I don’t have one and have no space for it. We will once we finish the basement but that is a loooonnnggg way off. 🙂

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha! Yea, it is nice to have the space for one…we are certainly blessed, even through this mess!


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