The Master Plan

Since we’re always brainstorming and daydreaming about how to make our house even more awesome (not to brag, we just really love living here!), I thought I’d go ahead and make a list of all the projects around the house that we are currently hoping/planning to tackle. I’m sure a bunch of other stuff will be added to our to-do list as we work through the ones I list here.

Fireplace beforeafter

  • Replace and enlarge the back deck
  • Personalize the front porch, make the space more functional
  • Paint the walls and trim in the basement
  • Add a shower to the basement bathroom
  • Remodel the hall bathroom
  • Remodel the master bathroom
  • Scrape the ceilings in the basement?
  • Scrape the remaining popcorn ceilings upstairs?
  • Buy/make furniture to define living spaces in the basement
  • Add more/better artwork to all areas
  • Convert the chair room into a bedroom
  • Convert the upstairs guest bedroom into a nursery (not yet, people!)
  • Add drapes to all the necessary rooms upstairs

Master Bedroom Curtains 3

Finished Table Top Christmas

Finished Pew With Pillows

  • Refinish the chairs.
  • Replace/add to the hardwood floors
  • Get an area rug for the living room.
  • Repair/seal/cover the cracks in the back patio
  • Landscaping–enough said (Partially done.)

Finished Front Landscaping 3

Stone Garden Edging 7

  • Make the attic more usable and fix the drop-down door
  • Add more storage to the laundry room
  • Replace the doors in the basement to match the ones upstairs
  • Replace the not-yet-replaced lighting fixtures
  • Built in bookcases…somewhere…
  • Finish the Master Bedroom with new furniture and design plan
  • Get a better reading chair for the office
  • Make a headboard for the guest room

finished headboard

  • Find/remake a better storage solution for the living room (new entertainment area, new coffee table, etc.)
  • Find/make a table for the area by the stairs
  • Find/make a runner for the entryway/add storage, better artwork/etc.

Map Pinboard Done 3

Ok, that’s all for now, guys, although it’s always a work in progress. I can’t wait to get back to work and start crossing things off! Good luck to us, huh?

What about you? What’s top on your House-To-Do-List? Do you have a Master Plan?

Join in with a comment! (Let's all agree to be constructive here, okay? Thanks!)