Home Sweet Hallway

By | October 8, 2014

Remember when I posted about the sweet wooden painting we got when some friends of ours moved to Colorado?

Home Sweet Home Hand-Painted Sign

I painted the edges green and then it sat on the floor in our bedroom for several months waiting to be hung.

Painting Edges of Wooden Sign

I tried to blame Wyatt for not getting it up there, but really, it was my fault because I hadn’t decided what I wanted to group it with.

Ever since getting our new headboard, we’ve been lacking any focal point above our bed but I wanted something more long and skinny instead of square, so that would have meant pairing this with some other things we already had on hand, and I didn’t like any of those options.

Tufted Headboard in Master Bedroom 2

So, it sat there for while I tried to make up my mind.

But finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed the wooden painting and switched out a poster print we had hanging in the hallway.

Home Sweet Home Sign Hallway 4

Here’s the before, sorta. This picture of me standing in front of it modeling a new belt is all I could find. Oops! At least you can sorta see the print.

Thrifted Faux Leather Belt 2

And now.

Home Sweet Home Sign Hallway

I think it’s a little brighter, which is nice. And it makes more sense to have a “home sweet home” sign in the hall where lots of people will see it instead of in our bedroom, where mostly just we will see it.

Home Sweet Home Sign Hallway 3

Oh, and yes, there’s a sneak peek at our messy guest room. Don’t judge. We had to store all the kitchen crazy somewhere…

Home Sweet Home Sign Hallway 2

So, there’s our quick update for the day. What’s up in your world?

P.S. I’m sharing some of Wyatt’s recent thrifting finds over at Salvation Army’s Cents and Sensibility Blog. Go check out the sweet KC gear he found for super cheap!

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