Home Sweet Goodbye

By | August 4, 2014

Recently, we met up with some dear friends who are moving away to Colorado for pizza and much-needed time catching up before they head out.

While we were there, we purchased tried to purchase but they sneakily put the money back in my purse, this awesome hand-painted wooden sign:

Home Sweet Home Hand-Painted Sign

Even though we’re sad they are leaving KC, we’re really excited for them on this journey and the opportunity they have to be involved with a church plant out there. So, we were also really pleased to “buy” this piece of original artwork as a cool way to celebrate our friendship with those guys, and, it will be a great reminder to pray for them as they serve their community in a new state.

Plus, even if we didn’t know the artist, which we do, I was really impressed with how detailed and charming the piece was. A mix of sweet and rustic. A pretty good mix of Wyatt and my tastes, I think.

She mentioned we might want to add a frame a something to clean up the edge, and we might do that. But I also think I might just paint the edge an accent color like green or something. Thoughts?

So far, we haven’t decided where we’ll hang it, but I have a few ideas to play with and we’ll be back with an update soon.

Have you ever gotten a fun handmade piece to celebrate a friend or loved one who has moved away? 

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