Hello, Fall and Happy Halloween!

By | October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Because of the whole “being nine months pregnant thing,” I didn’t do much in the way of fall decorating around here, but I did pull out a few little fun things, like my mini gold pumpkin flower pots I made last year.

simple halloween mantle


And, because Will gets so excited about pumpkins, I hid a few others around the house for him to find.

fall pumpkins in wills room

simple fall decor

simple halloween fall decor

So, our home isn’t super decked out for Halloween, but it’s still a little festive. We’ve been busy with other things…. like welcoming home our daughter! Honestly, I’m proud to say I even got the decorations out at all! Sometimes, a little bit goes a long way.

simple halloween mantle and fireplace decor

There’s something about a few fresh flowers that makes even the simplest decorations look better, right?

simple halloween mantle diy gold pumpkin vases

I hope you’re having a wonderful time dressing up and celebrating with your friends and family!

Tonight, we’re having round three of festivities after taking Will to a couple activities this weekend. This year, we went with a Hungry Caterpillar theme because it’s one of Will’s favorite books, and it worked well for me to wear Emma and have her be the butterfly.

halloween family hungry caterpillar costumes

I made Will’s costume from strips of green fabric and a red stocking cap. Emma also needed a red hat decked out with some felt eyeballs and some butterfly wings, which were just painted angel wings from our dress up stash. Pretty simple DIY and pretty cute! 😉

What did you dress up as this year? Any Halloween or fall decorations happening at your house?

2 thoughts on “Hello, Fall and Happy Halloween!

  1. Grandma D

    Costumes were very cute as usual. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday.


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