Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!

By | December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve everyone!

I didn’t get to everything on the Christmas to-do list, but I’d say we did pretty well considering I was sick for a week and we had a few other unexpected bumps in the road we weren’t planning for. To see the posts that go with these projects, just click on the links!

  • Buy and wrap all the presents
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Yarn garland
  • Read some Christmas books and watch the Peanuts Christmas movie (we watched 2/3 so far)
  • Make new travel plans for our light-viewing trip
  • Make homemade chex mix
  • Make Christmas candy or goodies to share with friends and families (finishing this today!)
  • Make something and deliver it to our neighbors? (decided against it for now…maybe after? or not at all? We don’t really interact–it’s not that kind of neighborhood…at least not for us yet)


What are your plans today? Driving to visit family? Staying home and finishing all the wrapping and baking? Out shopping for all the last minute gifts? Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and relaxing as you bask in the success of completing your to-do list?

I may be doing all of those at some point today. We’ll just see how it goes I guess!

Well, whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a blessed day preparing for all the glorious-ness of the coming days. Have safe travels, and enjoy the time with family and friends!


One thought on “Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!

  1. Donita

    Got all the presents wrapped. I also got the house cleaned and am just waiting to see you guys!


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