Getting Going on Our Goals for 2015

By | April 15, 2015

Well, it’s the middle of April, which means I’m already over due for an update on how we’re doing with our 2015 goals and resolutions. I think we have some decent progress to report, but not much has been “done” to be able to cross it off the list. Time to dive in and see how we measure up so far!

1. Develop a weekly cleaning routine.

Hmm, so far I do laundry on Mondays. And I do the hardwood floors as needed. Dusting still happens only when I see a bunch of dust on stuff. I think choosing a day for dusting and floors would be a good first step. Then a day for bathrooms. Maybe a different day for vacuuming? Basically, I’m still in the planning stage for this one but it’s still on my mind.

2. Clean out and organize the garage. 

We did a mini clean out last week in order to be able to pull the cars in the garage in case of severe weather. So far, no major organizing has happened although it WILL happen before the garage sale weekend, which is coming up fast…so this one may be the next on the list to get tackled. Yikes.

It should be easier to keep it clean now that the majority of big projects for the kitchen are done.

Middle Nook Shelves Cutting MDF

3. Clean out and organize the shed. 

I imagine this will happen in conjunction with the garage and/or the planting of the garden, which also needs to happen soon…

4. Buy a new car. (For Wyatt.)

I cried when we said goodbye. (Pregnancy hormones, anyone?) but we have Rhonda 2.0 now, so that’s something crossed off the list. We are really thankful for the opportunity to buy a new version of a car we both really liked and hope she’ll last just as long…even if we don’t keep her as long this time around. Maybe we’ll be able to pass her onto someone else in a few years before I get so attached I have to cry when we leave her at the dealership. Sheesh.

On the other hand, I still can’t find our car in the parking lot because it’s so new and fancy compared to anything else we’ve ever owned. Plus, there are usually a lot of white 4-door cars in parking lots…so it’s hard to tell the difference.

New Honda

5. Read 20 books.

Doing really well on this one!

Read so far:

  • Mary Poppins Comes Back – P.L. Travers
  • Every Bitter Thing is Sweet – Sara Hagerty
  • Longbourne – Jo Baker
  • Young Men in Spats – P.G. Wodehouse
  • Death Comes to Pemberley – P.D. James

In progress:

  • Love Works – Joel Manby
  • Mary Poppins Opens the Door – P.L. Travers

Wyatt is currently reading:

  • Paddle Your Own Canoe – Nick Ostermann

6. Finish organizing and backing up all our photos. 

Haven’t started this yet. I know I have most, if not all of our digital photos, backed up to Dropbox. Just need to organize and find a way to back them up somewhere else. And maybe order some prints or books…

7. Finish the kitchen project. 

We’re so close! I think the only two projects remaining are hanging the lights over the table and touching up the paint on the new trim that Wyatt installed over the weekend. Seriously, I’m giddy with excitement over here at how close we are.

Kitchen Cabinet Trim Installation

8. Finish the kitchen chairs.

Ok, promising we’ll get these out of the garage and onto the to-do list when we do the garage clean out. It’s time, Melissa. It’s time.

9. Expand/reorganize the garden. 

Currently planning the planting for this year! We did harvest our first asparagus last night, which was exciting.

Homegrown Asparagus 1

10. Do 5 smaller projects. 

Wyatt made a couple knives with his dad.

Wyatt's Knife 3

Which sparked an interest to keep making knives, so I imagine we’ll see a few more before 2015 is over.  He made a small wooden “thing” (not sure he has shared it yet so I don’t want to ruin it) that I think he said he was going to hang up in the garage somewhere. He also has a small project planned that involves some shelving for over the TV in the living room. I’m not sure on the others yet. Basically, he’s doing awesome at this goal. I’m not doing so hot yet. I have done a few crafty things like the plate wall, though.

DIY Kitchen Plate Wall Finished 6

11. Take a trip. Or several. 

No trips yet. I wish we could take a big vacation but we just aren’t willing to spend the money on it this year with the baby coming so soon and still saving up from buying the car and finishing the kitchen. It just isn’t going to happen. But, we’re hoping to sneak in at least one weekend getaway before Beanie arrives.

12. Finish organizing our bathroom cabinets. 

Haven’t started this one yet. I need to, though, as we’ll soon have a bunch of new stuff to fit in there for Beanie. Yikes!

13. Host things. 

We had a nice time hosting Easter dinner for our families. And we’re planning some fun game nights with some church people in the coming few weeks so I’m going to count it as officially crossed off the list since that’s already more than last year. Going to keep working on this one, though.

Easter Bunny Chocolate Sign

14. Move the guest room downstairs. 

The basement guest room remodel is currently in progress. Fingers crossed it’s done before July!

Basement Guest Room Prep for Painting

15. Design and DIY a nursery!

I’ve also started the process for Beanie’s nursery. We haven’t done much in there yet, but I’m excited for the next few weeks! You can see our plans for that room and get the details on the items in the image below in this post.

Beanie's Nursery mood board final


Okay, not much progress yet so far for 2015, but we’re slowing working on a few things. Now it’s your turn–share your goals and let’s encourage each other to stay motivated and get busy on those to-do lists!

Join in with a comment! (Let's all agree to be constructive here, okay? Thanks!)