Frosted Lemonade: A Delicious Summertime Recipe

By | June 25, 2015

I think I’ve mentioned that ice cream is one of my favorites…and not just since being pregnant. We have ice cream in our freezer pretty much at all times throughout the year and I often let myself have a bowl as a treat before bed.

Now, store-bought ice cream is pretty good. Ice cream from ice cream parlors and stands is even better. But homemade…it’s the best. Usually, I go for classic homemade flavors, but fresh summer peach ice cream is probably my favorite ice cream to make homemade. Probably because the store-bought peach ice cream is always a disappointment.

So,when I recently heard someone talking about lemon ice cream or rather a frosted lemonade,  I was intrigued. It just sounded like such a refreshing treat for the heat of the summer. And when you’re pregnant in this “feels-like-100-weather”, anything cool and light and refreshing must be enjoyed right away, right? Right. I set out to create a recipe for it right away.

Frosted Lemonade Summer Treat 3

I’m here to testify that this treat should be made and enjoyed by anyone and everyone right away, pregnant or not. It’s hot and this recipe is perfect for 4th of July parties. Seriously, yum.

Frosted Lemonade Summer Baby Bump

The recipe takes minimal time, skill, and ingredients. Perfect for lazy summer nights outside. I got started by making some homemade lemonade from some lemons I had on the counter. Ingredients for that are lemons, spenda (or sugar), and water. Easy-peasy.

Frosted Lemonade Recipe

But, you could totally skip that step and just use the packaged or concentrate kind. Or just buy some lemonade. Whatever floats your boat.

Frosted Lemonade Recipe 2

Then, I added several scoops of french vanilla ice cream to our blender. I prefer the french vanilla because it’s more “vanilla-y,” especially when you’re buying the off brand kind. Then, add in your lemonade and blend it up. The ratio is about 2 cups of ice cream to one cup of lemonade, but you can make it the texture you prefer as long as your blender can handle it. I had to add a little more lemonade to get our blender going really well. It’s not known for being great with really chunky mixtures. I did this twice to make a double batch in the same blender because it wasn’t as full as I thought it would be.

Frosted Lemonade Recipe 3

You just want to pulse or puree it until it’s all smooth and a little frothy. Then, dump that into a bowl or pitcher and add the secret ingredient, the Cool Whip. (Or the off brand, again. We’re living on a baby budget these days, after all.)

Frosted Lemonade Recipe 4

You could skip this step, but I don’t recommend it. It gives the drink a little more “fluff” I think. Just be sure to not use the blender to mix it up or you’ll totally deflate the whipped topping and that defeats the purpose. Just whisk it in until it’s smooth.

At this point, I recommend pouring your finished frosted lemonade into a mason jar, adding some more whipped topping, a fresh lemon slice, and a straw.

Frosted Lemonade Summer Treat 2

Then, you get to enjoy it on your deck or patio, or in the air conditioner, sitting under a fan. Did I mention it’s hot out?

Frosted Lemonade Summer Baby Bump 2

I have also frozen the leftovers after mixing it all up and eaten it like ice cream, which is also delicious, if that sounds better to you. I recommend you eat it both ways, or any way. It’s easy and feels like something you paid $5 for at a specialty coffee or ice cream shop.

Frosted Lemonade Summer Treat

Just try it, seriously. (I’m talking to you, mom–dad would LOVE this I bet.)

I think it would be fun to serve at parties or BBQs. Or just on a Monday night when you’re wanting a special summertime treat.

delicious frosted lemonade recipe

What are some of your favorite summertime treats, refreshing drinks or ice cream recipes? Feel free to link or share in a comment below!

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