From Coverlets to Candle Holders

By | February 28, 2014

A few weeks ago, while buying our food processor at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Hubs found some cool metal canisters in the clearance section for around $0.50 each. I had seen them, too, but had passed them over because I didn’t think we needed a “Soup Coverlet.”

DIY Painted Metal Pillar Candle Holder 5

Hubs had the creative foresight to image using them for another purpose, though, and after asking if we could make candle holders with them. I thought it sounded like a fun project so we grabbed three of each design they had. The first ones were really modern looking with a brass geometric pattern all around it.

DIY Painted Metal Pillar Candle Holder 6

I thought it would be even more fun to paint the inside of the canister a bright color to really pop against the shiny metallic finish on the outside, so I grabbed a can of leftover teal paint from my office and a small brush to apply a quick coat of blue.

DIY Painted Metal Pillar Candle Holder 4

As it turns out, no matter how careful I was, some of the paint snuck through the holes in the metal so I had to do a little clean up afterwards.

It only took a few minutes, but a small brush was a must to fit in the tight canister. Then, as I mentioned before, I simply scrubbed the outsides a little with a paper towel and some Goo Gone before declaring my portion of the project finished.

Hubs was challenged with coming up with a way to hold the candles in place, standing up straight. He decided to cut little wooden saucers from some scrap wood he had in the garage and then drill out a hole in the center for the candles to sit into.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 4

This turned out to be a pretty easy solution, once he went to Home Depot to pick up a hole saw.

Hole Saw

He used his new vice grip C clamp pliers to hold everything in place while he was working. He’s been eyeing those at the store for several months and was excited to finally get them and use them.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 5

Then, he drilled six discs from a piece of scrap wood, perfectly sized to fit inside the base of our coverlets.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 3

There was already a flat hole on the bottom of the metal (for the soap dispenser to come out of if you were using it right-side up  as a coverlet) so they balanced pretty well. The added weight of the wooden disc does give them more stability though.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 7

He sanded the bottom edges of the discs a bit so they’d lay flat in the curved bottom of the coverlet.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 9

Next, he drilled out the center of each disc to the same size as the taper candles, which were about 3/4 inch diameter.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 2

He used a paddle bit for this. He held the discs with a pair of pliers, because he couldn’t clamp it to anything due to their size.

Making DIY Candle Holder Bases 8

Then, we painted them to match the insides of the coverlets.

Painting DIY Candle Holders

Pretty soon, we were ready to assemble everything together.

Making DIY Candle Holders 3

To secure them, we hot glued them in place, using the taper candles as a handle to maneuver them in place.

Making DIY Candle Holders 2

We also picked up three silver snow flake coverlets, again for about $0.50 cents each with the idea of making a few Christmasy candle holders as well.

I wanted to paint these red on the inside, but after trying some red acrylic craft paint, I decided I’d have to spray paint them. I didn’t have any red latex paint on hand and the acrylic was too thin. I would have needed several coats, as evidenced by the streaky red  you can see in the photo below.

DIY Painted Metal Pillar Candle Holder 9

So, we used spray paint, and to keep the paint from getting all over the outside of the metal, I wrapped it tightly with tape to prevent any overspray.

DIY Painted Metal Pillar Candle Holder 8

Again, I had to touch them up a little with the Goo Gone because a little seeped through around the holes, but between that and my fingernail, I was able to get them looking pretty perfect, if I do say so myself.

I think the touch of color inside really contrasts nicely with the metallic outsides, giving these a fun, eclectic, modern, and a little high end look to them.

Modern Metal Christmas Candle Holders 3

And, I like the funky shape for a taper candle holder. It’s very different from other taper candle holders I’ve seen, which look really formal to me.

I think the gold and blue ones are awesome.

Modern Metal Candle Holders 3

Although, Hubs is still convinced these would be really cool to use with a little tea light candle, and I agree, so we may try that sometime in the future as well.

Modern Metal Candle Holders

So, there’s our coverlet to candlestick holder project, which came in at about $3, not including the hole saw Hubs had to buy. He’s wanted to get some of those anyway though, so I’m not sure it counts as a purchase specifically for this project.

I think having these cool new candle holders may inspire me to actually burn some candles now!

Modern Metal Candle Holders 4

And of course, we’re already getting ready for next Christmas.

Modern Metal Christmas Candle Holders

Have you ever found something on clearance to turn into something else? Ever used a soap coverlet? I’d never heard of them before this project but I guess there’s a market for the, since there were several options to choose from at Bed Bath & Beyond. I think they’ll serve us better as candle holders!

6 thoughts on “From Coverlets to Candle Holders

  1. Elizabeth

    make sure they are no-drip candles so you don’t have to try to clean down in the bottom! I like the blue/gold, too

  2. donita

    I like them both, but I think I like the red ones best. They will look very festive next year.


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