“Egg”xtra Special: An Easter Garland

By | March 22, 2013

For those of you that have been keeping track, for the past several days, I’ve been sharing the various kinds of Easter egg crafts that my friend Elizabeth and I made. However, I haven’t shared any of the ways I was actually going to use those little cuties.

paper eggs done 3

Before the big Easter decoration reveal, I wanted to give this little sneak peak of how I used the real, dyed Easter eggs we made to make a super cute garland.

To start, you can follow the directions posted here.

dyed eggs doneSince ¬†these eggs already had holes in both ends, I figured they would be perfect for stringing on a garland. However, it wasn’t all that easy to get them strung up.

I didn’t have any needle or bodkin that was long enough to reach all the way through an egg, so I had to tape two together in a MacGyver-esque attempt, which actually worked pretty well, although the taped end makes it harder to fit through the hold in the egg.

Easter banner 2

Also, keep in mind that if your holes are very small, like this:

Easter banner4

you’ll have to very carefully chip out a few chunks to make it large enough for the string to go through.

Easter banner5

However, if you aren’t careful, or even if you are, you may end up with a hole that’s much larger than you need:

Easter banner6

Don’t worry, though, since we’re stringing these up, they won’t show.

Easter banner 7

After I had them all threaded, I moved from my desk to the floor so I could add the rest of the garland’s features.

(If I had more eggs, it would be cute to do the entire thing in just those. That would have taken quite a few eggs, though, and a lot more time!)

I had quickly snipped some banners from some old dictionary pages (so it will match these eggs) and added some Sharpie letters to spell out “Easter.”

Easter banner

Did you notice my search for garland inspiration  I found a lot of cute ones!

I spaced my letters them out with the eggs in a way I thought looked pretty cute.

Easter banner8

Since I planned it out with the letter facing me but wanted to tape the string on the back, I just switched the first and last letters, turning them away from me so the back was facing up, moving toward the middle each time. That will allow you flip the garland end for end without picking it up. Then it was time for tape.

Easter banner9

Make sure you use two pieces of tape on the very edge on the banner instead of one piece in the middle or the egg will be able to slide past the edge and behind the paper. The tape helps the paper act as a stopper to hold the egg in place.

Easter banner10

After getting them all taped, it was time to hang it.

Easter banner11

I think it turned out pretty well for a super easy and fast (and cheap) Easter banner!

Easter banner12

I can’t wait to show you the rest of our Easter and spring decorations. Have you ever made a garland out of real eggs? Any storage tips to share? I think I may remove the paper banners and just place the eggs back in the carton, string and all, to store them for next year…Ideas?


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