“Egg”static: Soft Eggs

By | March 20, 2013

After finishing up the dyed eggs and the wrapped twine eggs, my friend Elizabeth and I had a good time with these next ones.

You guys already know how much I enjoyed making some Christmas crafts with yarn in December (here and here), so it’s no surprise I love these little softies, too.

We used regular plastic Easter eggs, the cheapo kind, and simply hot glued some thick yarn around the outside.

paper egg before

Starting at the small end makes it easier, I believe, but it’s still difficult when you get to the large end because the yarn kept wanting to slip off the slick plastic. We were using Elizabeth’s hot glue gun, which has a lower heat setting so it didn’t burn our fingers (as badly) to hold the yarn in place until the glue cooled and dried.

yarn egg 3

Note: You don’t need to glue the yarn every time you wrap it around, but it helps to glue every so often to help hold it in place. It will also help glue the egg shut so it won’t accidentally pop open. You will have to glue a a lot more when you get close to the bottom end because it will slip off more easily.

I’d also recommend twisting the end of the yarn and tucking them under if possible when you start and finish to make sure you don’t end up with any frayed ends of yarn. If it does happen, you can always try to snip them off. Just put a pool of hot glue on the top and press the twisted in onto it until it dries.

yarn egg

We used a few different colors of yarn to give us the look of farm fresh eggs, although I know our brown is a bit unrealistic. If we were really going for realism, we wouldn’t have gone for yarn eggs in the first place, right?

(Yes, you can see through to the pink and yellow with the thin, plain white yarn, but it’s still cute.)

yarn eggs done

Anyway, I think these little guys are super cute. I love the flecks of colors in the yarn we chose. (I went back and bought the one you were talking about, Liz, and made some more at home!) It was from Walmart, so nothing too expensive or fancy, of course. Still, I like it. I just love how soft and sweet they look!

yarn eggs done 2

What have you been making with yarn? Maybe you can knit sweaters and scarves? I’m happy (for now at least!) with my glue gun and some eggs!


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