DIwYatt: Installing a Can Light

By | April 6, 2015

We’re slowly checking off the list of remaining kitchen projects and one of those was reusing the can light we removed from the soffit above the sink in the entryway to the garage.

Demo Kitchen Day 1

There had been a regular flush mount lighting fixture in that location.

Demo Kitchen Door

Although for awhile, it has looked like this, a dark area with wires sticking out of the junction box:

Nook Upper Cabinets

We thought we could reuse the entire can light, but ended up having to buy a new base kit and only reusing the frame on the outside. Basically, the builders had removed one of the necessary side braces. But, a replacement base kit was only about $7 at Home Depot, and we could still reuse the trim ring from the old can light kit.

Because we were working with an existing hole in the ceiling, I did some prep work to make sure the face frame would be large enough to cover the hole we’d need to cut and to determine the best way to enlarge the hole for the can light.

New Can Light in Kitchen Prep 2

I created a template using a compass set a little over half as wide as the can light on some paper. After cutting it out and taping it to the ceiling, I was ready to use it to cut the right size hole with my Dremel tool and dry wall bit.

New Can Light in Kitchen Cutting Ceiling

Here’s the piece we cut out. Reminds me of Star Wars…

New Can Light in Kitchen Template

After cutting out the hole, I was ready to go into the attic and fasten the new kit into place. It has adjustable arms that extend to the ceiling joists with nails.

New Can Light in Kitchen Installing

As usual, when you’re doing any wiring, we recommend you work with a professional to ensure you get things exactly right. And always make sure the power is off before working on any electrical project.

Here’s how it looked once it was installed:

New Can Light in Kitchen Installed

We used a regular light bulb to try it out.

New Can Light in Kitchen

Then, it was time to finish the installation by adding the trim ring. If you’ll remember, we spray painted these trim rings with silver grill spray paint to give them a refreshing makeover in our phase 1 kitchen project.

New Can Light Finished

We have been really pleased with the LED bulbs we purchased for the other kitchen can lights so we went to Home Depot to grab one more of those for this light as well.

New Can Light Finished 3 (2)

All in all, a very simple project considering all the things we’ve had to work on for this remodel. It helps that nothing about this project really fought back, so we could finish it in one night. Very encouraging considering all the struggles we’ve had with fitting trim in our un-square house lately.

And now, there’s no more dark corner in the nook. Melissa has found this to be a big improvement. It helped a lot to have this step done when working on the trim for this area, too.

We took a little break over the weekend to celebrate Easter with our families but we’re planning to try and finish the kitchen this week if possible. (That’s Melissa’s goal, anyway) so we’ll be back with more updates, soon.

How did you celebrate Easter? Do any DIYing?

4 thoughts on “DIwYatt: Installing a Can Light

  1. mom

    It looked great when we were there. You guys have done an awesome job!

  2. Marina

    I love your blog! You guys are doing an amazing job.. Love all your DIY projects.. Will be following 🙂

    1. Melissa

      Yay! So glad you are enjoying our remodeling journey! Looking forward to seeing more of you here. 🙂


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