Debuting our Craft-Art Wood Countertops

By | June 14, 2017

**This post is sponsored by Craft-Art and we received products in exchange for sharing our opinions with you, but rest assured all opinions are our own!**

Ok, friends and family, I know we’ve been a bit MIA lately, and life has been crazy.

Like–Wyatt has been at work until 6:30 or even until 7:45 a few nights and then comes home and sits at the kitchen table with his laptop as soon as Will is in bed–crazy. And then we were all sick for like a month. But, we’re still here, and slowly, slowly catching up on documenting what’s been going on in the basement. Enough excuses, though, right? What I really want to say is….


CraftArt Driftwood Counters Ikea White Cabinets with Inspiration Pillow 2

Aren’t they lovely?

These are the basement built-ins of my dreams, you guys! Just look at that gorgeous whitewashed walnut—um. Every time I’m in the basement, I just have to pet them.

CraftArt Driftwood Counters

I haven’t started moving into these at all yet. I haven’t even put in the shelves. but I can tell you that I’ve started daydreaming about toy bins and craft cubbies and other stashed away goodness. Just look at all the storage!

CraftArt Driftwood Counters Ikea White Cabinets Open 2

While I’m brainstorming those things, tell me your favorite ways to organize toys. I know I’m interested in making little modules where we can pull out certain things for certain weeks, then put them away and play with new things for awhile. Sort of a rotational system. Anyone do anything like that?

But, back to the new wood countertops, right?

CraftArt Driftwood Counters 2

When Craft-Art reached out to us to see if we would want to partner on a project, I jumped at the chance to add these to our already planned basement built-ins.  We went with the “driftwood” finished wood countertops, rather than opting for their DIY option, which lets you put the finish coats (stain, etc.) on yourself. Kelsey was our main contact with Craft-Art and she was awesomely helpful through the whole process.

Their DIY wood countertops line is awesome for achieving a lower price point direct to a homeowner who is willing to use some elbow grease, which we would normally be all about, but since this was our first time working with wood counters and we knew we were going to be overwhelmed with other time commitments, we went for the pre-finished option this time. I really want to try the DIY for another area…probably the laundry room counter top I want to add later this year!

Custom finishes like driftwood are not available in our DIY line, but popular species like walnut and maple are available in stock sizes to which the customer can add stains, cutouts, and edge profiles to their heart’s content. Here is a link to the page where they talk all about the DIY lineup they offer. And here’s a link to their photo gallery. Go drool over those projects for awhile!

Here is a screenshot from their website that shows the DIY options and even some support videos they’ve put together.

Craft Art DIY Page

And here are some of the finished options. Just a note that custom wood countertops like ours, (cut to size, finished, etc) are only available to homeowners through certified installers, which you can find on their website. However, I checked and there are more than 5 within driving distance to our house, so I don’t think you’d have an issue finding a dealer.

Craft Art Finishes

We really wanted the end grain walnut product they have (it’s GORGEOUS!) , but again, I was so impressed that they really worked with us to understand our project and they recommended we not go that route because we needed such a long stretch that was sandwiched between two walls so it wouldn’t have enough room to expand and contract without damaging. Wyatt was totally understanding and not at all surprised they said that. I got it, but was disappointed which being very grateful for their wisdom, and in the end, I’m so thrilled with the driftwood whitewashed look we went with. It’s perfect for the light, bright space.

CraftArt Driftwood Counters 3

I was a little nervous it would be “boring” since it is whitewashed and when not done properly, that can make wood grain look a little blurry and blah…but um…this is not boring. It’s beautiful! Honestly, it’s even better in person, but I so appreciate all the unique features you get with wood, like knots and color variation.

CraftArt Driftwood Counters Detail

I think the thing I like most is how warm they feel in the room, without overwhelming the space in a dark, heavy way. Because we have white walls, and white trim, and white cabinets, and even the whitewashed brick on the fireplace, the room could easily feel stark or cold. But the wood countertops really adds an element of coziness and texture that would otherwise be missing. Without going too far in the other direction like the too warm/too orange tone on the wooden column in the middle of the room…which we still need to deal with.

CraftArt Driftwood Counters Ikea White Cabinets with Orange Tone Column

I have to drop a few more photos here for you all because I just can’t stop.

CraftArt Driftwood Counters Ikea White Cabinets 2 CraftArt Driftwood Counters with Inspiration Pillow CraftArt Driftwood Counters White Room

Of course, this room is FAR from finished when you consider it’s basically a white box with lovely cabinets on one side right now. The cabinets aren’t even completely finished. We still need hardware, door bumpers, and even a few adjustments to make the doors are level. You can see in the above photos a few of them aren’t quite lined up. But I’ve been so delayed in sharing the wood countertops that I couldn’t wait any longer.

For a refresher on where we’re headed with this room (and to see the mood board, CLICK HERE.)

Now, tell me which wood countertop finishes are your favorite and what room you’d love to install them in your home! I can think of at least 3 other rooms I’d love to design around some amazing wooden countertops. 

**This post is sponsored by Craft-Art and we received products in exchange for sharing our opinions with you, but rest assured all opinions are our own!**

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