Cozy For Christmas

By | December 23, 2015

I know we’ve been a little MIA, but we’ve been getting ready for Christmas in our little corner of the world over here. And…we’ve been sick. Why are we always sick? Will and I are still struggling to get well before we get into the biggest of the celebrations, but we’re hopeful we’ll feel better by then.

Still, we’ve managed to have a little fun getting ready for the holidays, too. And just for fun, I wanted to give a little tour of our house all cozied up for Christmas.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living Room

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house, and I switched out the decor a little bit.

Christmas Decor 2015 Kitchen shelves 2Christmas Decor 2015 Kitchen shelves Christmas Decor 2015 Kitchen shelf

You can read about our super cheap winter wall art, here.

Christmas Decor 2015 Kitchen

And several of you commented on the Christmas plates. They turned out okay even though I had to use a couple placemats as stand-ins since I didn’t have enough.

Christmas Decor 2015 Kitchen plates

The hallway got a little greenery and a little special touches.

Christmas Decor 2015 Hall

I even decorated the bathroom a little bit.

Christmas Decor 2015 Bathroom

The living room is the best, though. It’s all cozy.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living Room Tree

I always have some real greenery on the mantle because we have a fake tree and it’s nice to have a touch of the real stuff.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living Room Mantle

I made new stockings (again) and they are all ready to be filled tomorrow.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living Room stockings

I’ve had a lot of fun reading Christmas books with Will this year.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living room book basket

I also stashed Will’s toys in a Christmas-y basket to help contain the clutter a little bit.

Christmas Decor 2015 Living room toy box Christmas Decor 2015 Living Room Mantle 2

The tree is really fun with our little North Pole crates and our red reindeer.

Christmas Decor 2015 Tree

We even have a bunch of presents wrapped! (This time last year, we had none ready to go!)

Christmas Decor 2015 Tree 2

The bookshelves got a little festive touches, too.

Christmas Decor 2015 Bookshelves

Christmas Decor 2015 Bookshelves 2

How are you going to celebrate Christmas? We’ll try to stop in and share some more photos over the next couple weeks, but we’re also hoping to soak up as much family time as we can!

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