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2016 Home Goals Update

We’ve now passed the halfway point in the year, so it’s time to check in on our progress on our home goals for the year. We still have a lot to do, but I think we’ve made a dent in this list, at least a small dent. 1. Add a garbage disposal back under the kitchen […]

A Cool Key – Wyatt’s Awesome Wooden 5th Anniversary Gift to Me

I wanted to share an awesome little project Wyatt and I sort of tag-teamed a couple of weeks ago that all started with his awesome wooden 5th anniversary gift to me. As a little backstory, when we were dating, Wyatt gave me an antique key after I mentioned I thought they were really cool. He picked […]

My First Stitch Fix – Is Stitch Fix For You?

Guys, I know I’m super behind the times when it comes to blogger trends so I wasn’t planning to blog about this, but I just got my first Stitch Fix box (and posted about it on Instagram) and I got so many questions, I figured it was worth a blog post. So, if you’re here just […]

Will’s Sweet and Simple First Birthday Party

I can’t believe I’m writing a recap post for our son’s first birthday. If I’m being honest, I can’t really believe we have a son, but since he’s now a year old, I should probably stop admitting that. It’s just that sometimes I look at him and think about how amazingly wonderful his story is […]

Completing the Deck Set

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it helps us! Please reach out if you have any questions about sponsorship or ads on our blog. We’re happy to help explain how this works, and as […]

Summer Mantle Decor – Shiny and “Sandy”

Now, you might think I’m going to be talking about beachy summer mantle decor, complete with seashells and sand in a pretty bottle, with the reference to “sandy.” But nope. It’s a different kind of “Sandy.” Want the song stuck in your head all day? GO WATCH IT HERE. Gotcha. Anyway, our summer mantle really […]

A Couple Kitchen Changes

I know, I know. I just made a big deal about how our kitchen is finally done. Go see the recap, here! But, we’re never really totally done, right? To be fair, the most recent updates are pretty darn small. And, to be honest while we’re being fair, small changes are all we have time for these […]

Hand-me-down Happiness

One of the biggest blessings most young families are given is the gift of hand-me-down furniture. It’s wonderful to help fill empty rooms and prevent everyone from having to sit on lawn chairs or canoes in the living room. But, the bad part about all that free furniture is that it doesn’t always perfectly suit our […]

Our Kitchen Renovation Recap

Now that the kitchen has been done for awhile, I figure we should do a final recap post. So, get ready for a bunch of photos. I’ve also inserted links where I could, to round up all our project posts. Thanks for sticking with us through this super long process. It’s been a frustrating process, […]

A Chair Change

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it helps us! Please reach out if you have any questions about sponsorship or ads on our blog. We’re happy to help explain how this works, and as […]

Where we’ve been…

I’m sorry we’ve been so quiet this week. (Not a single post–the shame!) So, I wanted to check in and just let you know that yes, we’re still here, and yes, we have several projects in progress. And several other projects that are completed and just waiting to be written about and posted…but, it’s been […]

Progress Check – 2016 Goal

It’s time to talk about our progress, so far, on our goals for the year. I honestly haven’t even thought about these much so I’m guessing this isn’t going to be all that encouraging, but here goes nothing… 1. Add a garbage disposal back under the kitchen sink. Hooray! We can cross the first item off the […]

Easy Easter Decor

Over the weekend, I took a few minutes to add some Easter decor around the house. And when I say a few minutes, I mean it. We have so much going on right now that decorating for Easter wasn’t a big priority. Still, it’s nice to add a bit of festiveness, especially because we’re going […]

A Few New Plates

If you’re a very, very observant reader, you would have noticed a slight update in my last post about our new potted plants. I’ll show you again: Catch it? How about now?    Good eye! I updated the plate wall a little bit. (Of course, the title of this post should have given you a pretty […]

Shakespeare Love – WEE Rascals Sponsored Post + Giveaway

Time for a little mid-week quiz…who here knows what I majored in in college? Did you say Communications? That would be correct! But if you said English, that would also be correct! It’s no secret I’m a reader, and when it comes to the classics, I’m a fangirl for Twain, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare for sure. And, […]

A Peek at My Plants

It’s been warm out recently, which has me dreaming of flowers and garden goodies…but I know it’s too early, so I had to satisfy myself with some indoor gardening. If you recall, one of my goals for the year was to add more house plants to our house…and keep them alive. A couple weekends ago, […]

Storing Our Stash – A Mini Nursery Update

Will turned 7 months old last week and while it’s hard to believe the year is flying by so fast, I also realize we haven’t done a very good job of giving you guys updates to our nursery as we’ve  settled in and really started using it. So, today, (after over a week of no blogging–the […]

Short And Sweet – A Glimpse at Our Valentine’s Day Decor

Just stopping in to share a few quick photos of our Valentine’s mantle decor. I have to say that switching out the chalkboard and such is something I enjoy doing, even if I don’t have much time for other projects these days. This is what it looked like before. I bet you can’t guess why […]

We’ve Been Busy Bees…

That was a silly pun, and a clue in good fun. And that was a silly rhyme. All that silliness just to share ONE LAST sneak peek of a project I’m super excited to share with you all later this week. My instagram has been full of sneak peeks lately, so if you missed them, go […]

Bright Thoughts For Bleak Days

I know the gray, dreary days tend to drag on for me. Luckily I now have a little bundle of sunshine around the house every day. I also finally got around to switching up our chalkboard on the mantle for something kind of fun for winter. After I took down all the Christmas stuff, it’s […]

Our 2016 Goals

It’s time to share our list of goals for the year. I’ll admit we had a little bit of trouble coming up with our list this year, just because we’re not sure exactly how much time we’ll have for projects now that Will is around. But improving our lives and home are important, so we’ll […]

How We Did on Our 2015 Goals

It’s time to go through our list of goals for last year and take a final inventory of how well we did. I’m pretty pleased, overall, and excited to start on some new things in 2016! 1. Develop a weekly cleaning routine. I have a scheduled set, but I usually miss at least one day […]

Cozy For Christmas

I know we’ve been a little MIA, but we’ve been getting ready for Christmas in our little corner of the world over here. And…we’ve been sick. Why are we always sick? Will and I are still struggling to get well before we get into the biggest of the celebrations, but we’re hopeful we’ll feel better […]

Blogiversary Giveaway 7–The Best for Last!

Giveaway ended. Winner will be notified. It’s the last day of our blogiversary week of giveaways and I’ve got to say this has been super-duper fun…but all good things eventually end, right? At least when you’re talking about free stuff. 🙂 Today, we’re giving away $40 in gift cards–an awesome prize, in my opinion! One […]

Giveaway Number 6!

Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. It’s the second to last day for our blogiversary giveaway week and today is especially in honor of Wyatt’s birthday today—some books he picked out as being awesome enough to share with you all! But first, some stats… Search terms are always an interesting statistic in my mind and […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 5!!

Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. It’s DAY FIVE! Can you believe how fast this week of giveaways is going? I hope you’re keeping up because we have some awesome prizes to give out! One interesting fact about out blog is that 75% of our readers are in the U.S., 10% are in Canada, and […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 4

Giveaway ended. Winner will be notified. We’re on day four of this awesome giveaway week and I am having lots of fun sharing cool prizes with you all! I’m also having fun sharing some fun little details about our blog. So far, we have 869 posts published here, although some of those were migrated over […]

Fiverr Update: It’s Almost Over!

UPDATE: The promotion for a free gig is over, but you can still purchase regularly, here.  It’s time for the last update about the #FiverrHustle business challenge I’m doing. So far, I’ve had a great time completing orders for you all, but there are still many freebies left to give to my readers, so don’t miss […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Numero Tres

Giveaway Ended. Winner will be notified. It’s Day 3! We did a lot of work on our house before we started blogging, but our kitchen was the first big project we’ve shared start to finish. There are currently 131 posts on our site about our kitchen. (Not all of them are remodel related.) You can […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 2!

Update: Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. Welcome to day 2 of our week of blogging anniversary giveaways! Another fun fact about the three years we’ve been blogging here is that our most popular post is, BY FAR, our DIY growth chart ruler. It’s been viewed 63,342 times, more than twice any of our other tutorials. […]