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I Spoke Too Soon: Zucchini Edition

Guys, remember when I was all “Our garden is such an amazing surprising success?” (Like in this post.) Well, I spoke too soon. Today, when I was watering and harvesting and pruning, one of the zucchini vines broke off in my hand. It was completely rotted out at the base! After a quick check, the […]

And The Garden Is Finished!

Finally! We finally finished the garden, guys! It’s been planted for awhile now but we have been waiting to get the mulch down around the raised beds. Finally we’re done mulching, too! I also added a few of these pots, with some leftover marigolds (and the ones I transplanted from underneath the fast-overtaking-the-entire-bed zucchini. (It […]

The Secret to Weed Barrier and Mulch

On Monday night, Hubs and I finished the garden…at least we finished phase one of the garden. That means we finally laid down the weed barrier we bought months ago, and added the much needed mulch. As I talked about earlier (in this post) when we stripped the sod to make the garden bed in […]

Surprising Success

The garden is, by far, the most surprising success we’ve had at the new house so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed so many of the projects we’ve done, and I think pretty much everything has been a success, in some degree…but the garden…we just never expected that after only a few weeks […]

Planting the Berries (Finally)

Ok guys, I can now say the garden is officially planted. Not done, but planted. We still need to add the mulch that is going on the ground around the boxes to keep us from having to mow or weed-eat around everything. But I’m celebrating the mini-victory that we have everything in the ground. Yesterday, […]

Creating a Garden Bed – Sod Stripping 101

We’ve been working in and around our garden beds for several weeks now and this past weekend, we finally got around to stripping out most of the sod from around the raised, wooden beds. (Here’s a few posts about the garden, here and here. I know creating flower or garden beds from scratch can seem […]

Bringing Home the Blooms

I wanted to share a little bit of our garden excitement with you guys today. We have blooms everywhere! Just check out all those yellow zucchini blossoms! And check it out, the cucumber is also growing! We even have an eggplant bloom! There are a few more strawberries turning red. And we have a banana […]

Growing The Garden

We added a few plants to the garden this past weekend so we’re another few steps closer to getting it all the way planted and ready to go. We stripped out the sod from the back end of the garden, which was anything but fun. They’ll be a post about that later, so I won’t […]

Parsley Power

I’m “giving up” on the parsley I’ve so lovingly grown since February.   Here’s a recap of posts for you: Planting, Growing, Success. Let me explain. For about a month, the parsley hasn’t really grown. It’s still trying to grow, at least I think it is, but sadly, it seems to get more brown and […]

Regrowing Green Onions – An Update

Spoiler Alert, guys: The green onions won’t last forever. Here’s how they look now, and it’s been almost a week with no change. They’re done growing. Apparently, those three tall shoots had a little extra push in them… but now even they’ve given up. But that’s okay, because I still got about 5x the usage out […]

Gaining on the Garden

If you look really closely, you’ll see our weekend of work involved a few additions to the garden. For one thing, we put the golf mat down to help kill the grass around the garden beds since we’re planning to take that out…eventually. Also, the asparagus is now planted! We knew we wanted the asparagus […]

Planting Progress!

We did it! Last night, one year from first seeing our house, we planted the garden. Yup, the garden we’ve been talking to you guys about for months now. It all started with my attempt to get a head start on my seeds inside, which didn’t end well. (You can read about that here.) Then, […]

Super Soil

As I mentioned in our Weekend Rewind post yesterday, we finally got the garden beds ready to plant over the weekend. On Thursday night, Hubs and I labored over getting them in the ground, a processed detailed here. Then on Friday night, my sister’s husband arrived with a trailer and a load of soil in […]

Getting the Garden Boxes in the Ground

I told you guys, in this post, that we finally got the garden beds in the ground this weekend. I also promised more photos and detail of how we did it, so here it goes: We carried the beds outside and stood back to do some last minute planning as far as how we wanted to […]

The Garden Boxes Are In the Ground

We’re getting closer to having our garden! Big excitement! Hubs and I spent several hours last night digging and arranging last night, so we’ll be back next week with a full recap of the steps we took. In the meantime, I’m just so excited that there’s progress being made! There’s a trailer with dirt headed […]

Project Suburban Garden: Rookie Edition

We officially restarted our garden yesterday. We already have the garden boxes ready to go into the ground (hopefully soon!). You can read about the steps we’ve taken to make those, here and here. We also spent a few minutes an hour trimming the neighbors shrubs that were hanging over our side of the fence and […]

Growing Green

I have another quick green onion update for you guys today. (For the first two posts in this series, read this post, and then this one.) The ones in the water are doing awesome so far. You can see how tall they are, hiding behind all my lovely tulips.   The ones in the dirt seem […]

Green Onion Greatness

Last week I replanted some store-bought green onions in hopes they would grow again for another harvest. (See this post, if you missed it.) Well, I promised an update, and I’m back with a report: It Works! Here’s how the onions looked four days after I replanted them, on Sunday: Wow! It seems like the […]

Grow, Grow, Gadget Green Onions

You guys know how much I’m loving my kitchen window sill herb garden so far this spring. I’ve talked about here, here, and here. (Heck, it kinda seems like I can’t stop talking about it!) But after the death of nearly all of my little seedling babies (Alas, it stayed cold for too long-darn you […]

Herb-y Goodness

In light of my bummed-out post earlier tonight about my little seedlings that are dying, I wanted to share a little “sunshine” and happiness in regards to my herbs. They are one of my favorite things in our kitchen!   I haven’t given you an update since this post, I don’t think. But, my chives […]

Seedling Sadness

I have some bad news to share, you all. Most of my seedlings are dying. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with them, but I’m guessing it has something to do with it being super wet and cold outside still. Thus, my seedlings are still in their tiny seed starter containers and not happy in […]

“Sow” Much To Do

Last night, Hubs had a basketball game after work so I had a few extra hours of alone time around the house before he got home. I took advantage of that time to get a little head start on the garden. P.S. Do you follow me on Instagram? If so, you’ve already seen this photo. […]

Give “Peas” A Chance

It’s now been two weeks since I planted my seeds, and I’m happy to report that all of them have now spouted! After the mini celebration that took place every morning and afternoon when I checked on them (they change so fast in these early stages!), I realized I may have a slight problem on […]

Just Some Pot(s)

I’ve got pot on the mind today. Or rather, pots, but that doesn’t rhyme as nice. It does sound less controversial, though, so I’ll go with that I guess. Correction: I’ve got some pots on my mind. It’s 70 degrees and sunny where we are today, and I’m itching to get outside and do some […]