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Frosted Lemonade: A Delicious Summertime Recipe

I think I’ve mentioned that ice cream is one of my favorites…and not just since being pregnant. We have ice cream in our freezer pretty much at all times throughout the year and I often let myself have a bowl as a treat before bed. Now, store-bought ice cream is pretty good. Ice cream from […]

Crispy Baked Asparagus Fries

You guys, guess what? I cooked! As in, I followed/created a new recipe…something other than sauteing zucchini or boiling potatoes. I know, I used to cook all the time, but then the pregnancy sickness hit and I sort of just defaulted to eating whatever Wyatt made for us to eat. I’m ashamed to say that […]

Easy (& Healthy) Homemade Banana Ice Cream

If there’s one thing all pregnant women tend to like, especially when it’s warm outside, it’s ice cream. #AmIRight? Unfortunately, it isn’t all that healthy of a snack. And, if there’s one thing all pregnant women tend to complain about during the later months of pregnancy, it’s leg cramps. Okay, maybe not all pregnant women […]

Sandwich Snacking: Sponsored Post for Hillshire Farm

This post is #Sponsored by Hillshire Farm, but the words and opinions are all our own.  Last week, we shared a recipe made with Hillshire Farms smoked sausage. Yum. We also had the opportunity to try their new Naturals lunch meat. One of the good things about this turkey is that it’s slow roasted in […]

Getting Saucy with Sausage: Sponsored Post for Hillshire Farm

This is a sponsored post for Hillshire Farm. All views and opinions are our own. A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Hillshire Farm about creating a couple recipes for them. Since we had several requests for recipes and reports of our kitchen in action now that it’s almost completed, we figured it was a […]

Adding Some Spice with Target for Thanksgiving – Sponsored Post

Congrats to our winner! Comment number 10! Winner has been notified and prize will be fulfilled by Target. This post is #Sponsored by #TargetWedding, but the words and opinions are all our own.  Even though we REALLY wanted to have our kitchen project totally done by Thanksgiving, which isn’t going to happen, I’m still excited […]

Oh, Snap! Sponsored Post and Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY ENDED: Winner is comment number 6 (not including my replies), Donita! *This post is sponsored by Harvest Snaps but the content and opinions are all my own. Questions? Email us! Keep reading! We have a fun giveaway for you guys this week. Peas! Or rather, Snapea Crisps. You can check out the Harvest Snaps website using this […]

Canning Craziness: Preserving our Garden Produce

Guys, I’ve been a canning fool this year. And by fool, I mean someone who has no idea what she’s doing but who is enjoying the craziness and trying all sorts of new recipes. This was the stash from a few weeks ago: Here’s what it looks like now: Not only have we been working […]

Savoring Summer: Cherry Tomato Tart Recipe

Guys, I’m going crazy over here…posting more recipes in the past couple of weeks than I had for the entire six months before this. (Like these cucumber chips and some spiked raspberry limeade.) I know I’m not a chef, nor is this a cooking blog, but I can’t help it. I’m just so stinkin’ excited […]

Party Time! Pineapple Peach Salsa Recipe

I have to just stop and tell you how much I’m enjoying having running water and counter tops in our kitchen. I can cook again! Recently, I was invited to a fun brunch with friends and I had the idea to make a summary salsa recipe using pineapple and peaches, because, why not? I also […]

Cucumber Chips

I may have mentioned a few times that we have many, many cucumber from our garden. As in, more cucumbers than we could ever hope to use. And being as one of my resolutions was to use and preserve more of our produce, I figured I should do something besides just watch them sit in […]

Sweet Summer: Spiked Raspberry Limeade Recipe

Several, several weeks ago, I posted this photo on Instagram: That was the weekend before my birthday, and it was a fun few days that involved some last-minute recipe creations, namely a raspberry-limeade concoction…spiked with some citrus-flavored rum. I have to say I was a bit surprised by how well the rum went in this recipe. […]

Stuffed Zucchini Boats: A Summer Garden Recipe

It’s been a very long time since I’ve shared a recipe with you all, and that’s not because I haven’t been cooking (I still make dinner at home nearly every night) and it’s not because I haven’t been making up recipes. It’s because I wasn’t sure recipes really fit into the “theme” of our blog […]

Easy, FUN, DIY Pickles

As anyone who has been following our blog even half-heartedly this summer knows, we are kind of, sort of, obsessed with our current garden project. We’ve even been posting #DailyHarvest pics on our Istagram accounts. (Mine, Hubs-he’s new so not many posts yet.) And there’s been quite a few posts on the topic. Here, here, […]

Leftover Magic

Well guys, if you’ve noticed that I’ve been posting more recipes after taking a break from doing that, it’s because I have a new-found love for my kitchen. Maybe because it’s huge compared to my last kitchen. Maybe because we have a brand new refrigerator that I love to fill up with delicious things. And […]

Mini Meatloaves

As you guys may know by now, Hubs loves meatloaf. I think it’s his favorite thing. Ever. (We made it to celebrate being home from a long weekend trip to Chicago with a bunch of rowdy Sporting KC fans in this post.) And last night, because I wanted to bless him in a small way […]

BBQ Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Twice Baked Potatoes

It’s been awhile since I posted a new recipe for you guys. Partly because we were out of town and moving and remodeling and stuff so I haven’t been cooking as much… And partly because I was too lazy (or too hungry?) to stop and take photos while I was cooking and eating. Either way, […]


It’s the last of the A to Z blogging challenge posts, and I’m excited to end with something I LOVE: Zucchini. Remember when I got those giant zucchinis from my grandma and wanted to use them all up? Well, that began my love affair, and now, I’m hooked. Here’s our most recent zucchini adventures. Try […]

Our weekend…a food photo story.

This weekend, was busy. So, instead of giving you a play-by-play of everything we did, I figured I’d give you a little bit to drool over and tell our weekend story through photos of food. With some other awesome stuff mixed in as well. And actually, I’m going to start our “weekend” food photos with […]

Strawberry Salsa and Cinnamon Sugared Tortilla Chips (& Liz’s library shower)

At my friend Liz’s bridal shower, her mom and sister made some super delicious food. (As the matron of honor, my responsibilities didn’t at all include food, and I was totally fine with that because their food is super cute and super good.) See? The strawberry salsa was so good, I had to try it myself. It […]

Dinner with love…

Tonight I made dinner from this: It’s a “fill-in-the-pages” recipe collection from my family, and full of love and tasty things. I’ve made 2 things from it so far: MaMa’s chicken and noodles (Success! Can’t wait to make again!) and meatloaf from my mom (I’ve made it several times before but now I don’t have […]

Turkey 2.0

As it is the week after Thanksgiving and thus, the time for leftover turkey recipes, I wanted to post our turkey adventure from tonight’s dinner for you guys. Just to brief you: 1. It was delicious. 2. Wyatt and I had some quality kitchen time together. 3. We have plenty of leftovers for another great […]

To Turkey or Not to Turkey

Hubs loves Thanksgiving food. He’d eat it for every holiday, special occasion, or random meal he could get it. And I’ve been holding off on making anything like it because he has such high expectations and I don’t want to compete with his memories of the perfect turkey. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than […]

Pumpkin Seed Specials

So, remember when I posted all about roasting my own pumpkin and said I couldn’t tell you about what I did with the seeds yet because they were a special surprise for a friend? Well, if not, that’s what happened, and you should check it out here. Anyway, it’s time to spread the news about […]

Plenty of Pumpkin: How to Roast Your Own

I love pumpkin. I love carving pumpkins (see this post) and I love to eat pumpkin. That being said, I’ve never made anything pumpkin myself. I’ve always just enjoyed the lovely delicious treats others have made. And I’ve certainly never considered roasting my own pumpkin to make my own puree…until this year. Then again, there’s […]

Pumpkin adventures

Wyatt and I love to carve pumpkins. More about that later… It’s our favorite tradition. (It used to be our only tradition…) And on Friday, we bought some pumpkins and did some carving…in our little apartment…in our living room. (We may do some more carving this weekend with some pumpkins my grandma dropped off for us […]

Have you heard of zucchini fries? If not, you’ll be glad I told you. Yum.

I love when people give me fresh vegetables from their garden. To me, there’s nothing better than home-grown, and free(!) produce. I love to eat fresh veggies in so many different ways, too, so it’s great when I can get them given to me (insert a quick shout out of thanks to anyone who’s blessed […]

A chocolate cake story

So, the other day I baked a chocolate cake and we just finished eating it not that long ago. But before that happened, I made the same recipe again, this time in cupcake form to take to a friend’s house. But we still ended up with leftover cupcakes, and I didn’t have enough frosting to frost […]

My husband had cake for breakfast this morning…

Does that mean I’m a good wife or a bad wife? Last night I got bit by the baking bug, and dived into a homemade from scratch chocolate cake at 8:00pm. All in all, it went pretty well, but I’ll go ahead and say this now. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever made. Maybe […]