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DIwYatt: Venting the Range Hood Through the Roof

Melissa wrote about putting up the Range Hood and the vent into the attic here. What was remaining on this project was to continue the vent out of the roof. We were using a long extension piece of 6-inch pipe to get out to the roof that we found at Home Depot. Then, on the […]

DIwYatt: Beginner’s Guide for How to Use a Tile Saw

We’ve been discussing our tips and lessons learned while tiling our kitchen but I also wanted to take a few minutes to share some specific details about how to use a tile saw. So we thought we would capture them all in one place for anyone that is interested in the future. For a refresher, […]

Customizing and hanging the Microwave Cabinet

We spent the weekend tiling our backsplash but we’re not quite ready to reveal it yet, so I’m backing up to talk about the microwave cabinet Melissa gushed about in this post. Just as a recap, this is actually the second microwave cabinet that we purchased from Lowes. The first microwave cabinet that we ordered […]

DIwYatt: It’s All About the Jig

One of the first important lessons I’ve learned in DIY work is that when you have a task that is repeatable, take the time to make a jig. It will be well worth it for the effort saved. I had one of these repeatable tasks in adding drawer handles and door pulls. We had 4 […]

DIwYatt: Yard Game Edition

I recently started following Offerman Woodshop on Instagram and Facebook. If you are into woodworking, they are a good one to follow. It is lead by Nick Offerman (of Parks and Rec) in case you were wondering. I recently saw their post on making a yard game called Kubb, or Viking Chess and I knew […]

DIwYatt: Installing the Base Cabinets

Even though we’re in what Melissa describes as the never-ending kitchen project, we finally got the flooring removed and the walls painted, so we were ready to move on.  The next step was to start installing the base cabinets that had been sitting in our living room for a month now. To get ready, we pushed everything […]

DIwYatt: Adjusting the Apron Sink Base Before Installation

If you’ve looked at popular kitchens online or in stores, or in Melissa’s language, on Pinterest, you may have seen some apron sinks. This is one of her favorite inspiration pins: We showed you our new stainless steel apron sink a few weeks ago, but since we just started working on cabinet installation this weekend, […]

Duct Work

To take a step backward from the last kitchen update, here, we need to give you on update on a few more “behind the scenes walls” tasks we had to tackle before we could move forward. For starters, we needed to re-route HVAC vent that is coming up through the wall. You can see it […]

DIwYatt: The Upgraded “No-Bird” House

Now that our berry bushes are beginning to bear some fruit, it’s time to put the bird netting back up. If you remember last year, we put up some PVC poles and wrapped the netting around it. You can read more about how we created a Bird Barrier last year. You can see how the netting is really […]

DIwYatt: Recycled Pallet Garden Boxes

Yesterday, Melissa showed you the garden progress we made over the weekend. She’s excited about expanding the garden this year, and she has been wanting some new planting beds to help with that. To get to that point, I recycled some free pallets that my dad picked up on his way home from work. Like she […]

DIwYatt: Carved Book Letter

Since I am giving away one of these… I thought I thought I would quickly go over how to do it, especially since several of you requested a tutorial in the comment section of that post. First, you pick up a book from a garage sale or a flea market/antique shop. I would never think […]

Ask DIwYatt! How to Dado and Cross Lap

This “Ask DIwYatt!” is a new concept for LovingHere. For any questions that you ask, I’ll do my best to answer. If any of the terms or tips in these sound like a foreign language, don’t worry Melissa is learning with you. And if you need any clarity or more pictures or videos, just let […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Crate Lid

While we had the barn wood out for the Barn Wood Tree and Barn Wood Table Top, Melissa had the idea to replace my makeshift end table. It wasn’t really an end table, actually. We had been using an ottoman base from a garage sale with a 12″ square tile that we saved from the […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Christmas Tree

Among many projects we worked on this holiday season. This proved to be one of the fastest and easiest. We had some leftover scraps of barn wood boards from the Manger Project. They were different widths, but that makes the tree turn out better. Melissa measured lengths of the boards so they would make a tree […]

DIwYatt: Barn Wood Table Top For a Plant Stand

Melissa rescued this plant stand table from the neighbor’s clean out day dumpster this summer. We wanted to come up with a new tabletop since we weren’t crazy about the floral design. (And because it had scratches on it from where Melissa scraped off some old gum.) We had some barn wood boards that were […]

Table Top Progress: Surface Solutions and Stripping

Last week, I was able to make a little bit of progress on the table.  I first fixed a long crack that was in one end of the board using pocket hole screws and glue. I started by drilling two holes along one side of the crack with my Kreg-Jig. Then, I used a piece […]

Supplies and Sanders

We have been making slow progress on our dining table and old church pew. We needed a couple more tools to help finish it out, so we stopped working on our projects and made a late night trip to the Home Depot. We ( I ) have been wanting a set of wood chisels for […]

DIwYatt: Building the Base for the Dining Table

So this past weekend, we went out and bought some lumber to begin the dining room table project. Several things had to happen before we could do this though. We came up with a rough plan as Melissa mentioned in this post. Once I had the rough idea of our wood needs, we took a […]

DIwYatt: Nothing in our Attic

So this summer, we noticed while in the attic that we have some potential openings that would be convient for rodents and pests to get into a warm place and bunker down for the winter.  We prefer the insulation is used for keeping our house warm, not keeping a mouse warm. We checked the vent […]

DIwYatt: Rolling Garage Cart

Since Melissa decided on keeping the metal shelf in the garage, we figured that adding wheels would make it more functional.       We also gave it a face lift by switching out the drawer front. We just so happened to have some wheels that would work perfectly, the only problem: they were in […]

DIwYatt: Replacing the Storm Door – Part 2

So, I told you about removing the old storm door here. Now it’s time to put on the new door! First things first, read the directions! Most of the time, we (men) don’t need directions when assembling things. This was an exception for me. There were specific instructions that came with the door that needed to […]

DIwYatt: Replacing the Storm Door – Part 1

When we moved in, the storm door didn’t come with a key, and the hardware on it was a little bit rough-looking. So when we had the chance to save 10% on a purchase at Home Depot in the fall. We decided to purchase a new storm door even though it sat in the garage […]

DIwYatt: No Junction!?

Note: Prior to working on anything electrical, turn off the corresponding circuit breaker! I took down the light in Melissa’s office in preparation for hanging her new chandelier. Upon taking it down, I noticed immediately that there was no junction box. It was obvious because all that was left was the wire sticking out of […]

DIwYatt: Sharpening the Mower Blades

So I noticed while I was mowing that the lawn mower was leaving a path of tall grass. Since getting the mower, I have only changed the oil, changed the air filter, and added gas. So I figured that it was probably time to sharpen the blades. It was perfect timing, because I had helped […]

DIwYatt: Fixing the Honda Temperature Controls

So towards the middle of winter, I was fiddling with my temperature controls in the Honda. Being that she was born in 1990, the controls are a little bit temperamental. I was a little bit hasty when turning the knob and something broke.  I lived with it blowing out hot air (even when it isn’t […]

DIwYatt: Replacing a Gas Hose

So this happened back in May, but we are just now getting around to posting about it. Sorry for holding out on you guys…For a refresher on the incident of our gas leak and the mystery alarm, read this post, and this one.  So we told you about our gas leak here. Well here is […]

DIwYatt: A Bird Barrier for the Berry Plants

Melissa gave you a sneak peak at a future project when she posted this picture: We needed something to keep the birds off of the blueberry and raspberry plants. After seeing a few of videos posted on the internet of other gardeners dealing with similar problems, I came up with a plan. We decided on using […]

DIwYatt: Custom Framed Map Pinboard

This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Check out this post, for the final product! Melissa has been wanting a way to track our road trips, other than just in a photo album, or with videos, like this one of our trip to Texas. She decided on a pin board. We considered buying one, […]

DIwYatt: Lighted Porch Post Caps (A Free Fix)

So Melissa told you about Almost Lighting up the Night last week. And I came up with a free fix. We have this box of scrap wood in the corner of the garage that we use for things like propping things up in the grass to spray paint them. I decided to use some of it […]

DIwYatt: Hanging Shop Lights

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