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“Egg”cellent: DIY (Saveable) Dyed Eggs

Well guys, St. Patrick’s Day is over. And I have to say that Hubs and I didn’t do anything especially festive to celebrate yesterday, which is okay, because we still had a good day. And now that the green-filled holiday is over, I’m moving on to the next stage of the year’s mantle decorations: Easter […]

Fruit of the Room: Pinterest Challenge

As part of John and Sherry’s Pinterest Challenge, I spent my Friday night painting stamping away at the kitchen table with apples. Originally inspired by this pin, from here, You can check out this post, for the full recap of that adventure, which also included some paper stamping projects. In the end, I ended up […]

Stamp the Yard

Last week, John and Sherry introduced the Winter Edition of their Pinterest Challenge¬†and I got super excited to sort through my seemingly endless pins of inspiration to find something to tackle right away. I wanted to do something that would be fast and easy, and didn’t involve major household work (i.e. something I’d need Hubs […]

Yarn Pom-Poms (And Garland!)

I have recently become quite enamored with these adorable little yarn pom-poms. I want to make a million of them and drape them in garlands all over our house. So far, I’ve only made one red one. Because I’m not a crazy cat lady, however, and because I share my home with a man who […]

NOEL (Yarn Letters)

I saw this on Pinterest last year and fell in love. Of course, we didn’t have room for anything like this in our apartment so I had to wait. When we bought our house, which had a fireplace (Actually we have two, but I haven’t even started thinking about the one in the basement yet), […]

Ruffled Tree Skirt

Last year, Hubs and I wrapped a blanket around the bottom of our Christmas tree. It worked fine and looked okay I guess, but it wasn’t all that festive or pretty. (It was however, very Linus-esque of us.) Plus, it meant we were without our couch blanket for a month. Yikes. So this year, I […]

Paper Hearts Tutorial

I wanted to post the last Christmas craft I made for our apartment this year. I know it’s after Christmas, but these would also be great for Valentine’s Day (which is the next holiday coming up, just a little plug…) It’s super fast and easy! And fun! Have I convinced you to try it yet? […]

Tree Tutorial…Stacked Version

Ok, so I know it’s past Christmas and you probably don’t want to make Christmas tree decorations anymore, but I said I’d post these, and I am going to, dangit! So, use these trees to decorate for January, or have a tree-themed party sometime in the next month as an excuse to make these cute […]

Paper Tree Tutorial #1 (Folder Version)

Just to let you know, I had a nice blog post all ready to give you yesterday and WordPress had a slight hiccup and somehow it all got lost. (So much for the automatic saving, right?) Anyway, I apologize for the delay, but here’s what I was going to share with you yesterday but didn’t […]