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A Fun Flower Update – DIY Quirky Painted Animal House Plant Picks

This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  Today I’m sharing a super fun little project that is perfect for these psuedo-spring days we’re having here in Kansas City! Animal plant picks! […]

A Shiny Spot for Sweets

It’s raining again and I just got Will down for a late nap. (Finally!) So I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little project I worked on awhile back. Did you see it? No, it’s not fixing the crooked photos in that gallery. But thanks for pointing that out because it’s all […]

A Fresh (Fake) Tulip “Wreath” for Spring

I always get the urge to freshen up our decor for springtime. Anyone else? So, in honor of the first day of spring coming up next week, I spent a little bit of time over the weekend making a new “wreath” for the front door. To be honest, it’s not a wreath at all. And […]

DIY Miniature Hot Air Balloons

One of the crafty projects I had wanted to complete for Beanie’s nursery was a mobile. We didn’t end up having time to finish this before he was born, but I did get part of the project finished before his arrival (which you can read about here.) However, I didn’t get a chance to get […]

A Welcoming Wreath

One of the craft projects I did this weekend was making a new wreath for our front door for the summer. Because, last year, my spring wreath stayed up until Thanksgiving. Oops.   Instead of doing a summer-themed wreath, I went with a “Welcome Baby” design. No worries, baby isn’t actually here yet, I’m just […]

Skirting the Issue…er Crib

One of the little DIY projects I’ve been wanting to tackle is the crib skirt, or rather a version of a crib skit. Because our crib has a drawer underneath, we couldn’t use a standard crib skirt with the draped fabric that just tucks under the crib as you lower the mattress. We needed something […]

Pretty Pops of Color – A DIY Pom Pom Tree

First of all, who else is super excited for spring? It’s been raining the last couple of days here and I’m still getting over a bad cold (being sick while pregnant is not fun!) but the warmer air and sunshine has me feeling energized and excited. When I was browsing Pinterest one night when I […]

A Leaf Wreath

Say that 10 times fast, I dare you. Also, say that I’m a slacker because it’s already the end of October and I am just now decorating me house for fall. It’s okay, I deserve it. To be honest, until last Thursday, my front door still looked like this: I know, I know. But I’ve […]

An Updated Souvenir – DIY Lettered Wooden Sign

Remember back to a couple of weekends ago when we had a garage sale and officially declared ourselves crazy? After we closed up shop, my mom and I sorted out several items to donate or throw away, one of which was this sign, purchased as a souvenir from Rocky Mountain National Park in 1983 by […]

Happy Spring! A DIY Wreath Idea

Happy Friday, everyone! And, even though this is a day late, happy May! Is anyone else super excited to see some May flowers spring up after all these April showers? (Not that we won’t still have rain in May…I’m just hoping we’ll also have more sunshine….) So, in honor of my excitement about hopefully having […]

DIY Speckled (& Naturally Dyed) Easter Eggs

On Friday, I took a few minutes out of the day to make my Easter eggs for this year. Now, last year, I made a whole bunch of different kinds of Easter eggs, including these yarn-wrapped ones: These book-page-paper-mache ones: And these real, blown ones, used to make a garland. I still have all of […]

DIY Mickey Mouse Glitter Tee!

Did you catch the sneak peek of my Mickey tee in the earlier post about our trip to Disney? It was really the only pre-vacation craft I had time to do, but I would totally do something like this again for a future trip–it’s just fun to have a special shirt to wear on a […]

From Coverlets to Candle Holders

A few weeks ago, while buying our food processor at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Hubs found some cool metal canisters in the clearance section for around $0.50 each. I had seen them, too, but had passed them over because I didn’t think we needed a “Soup Coverlet.” Hubs had the creative foresight to image using them […]

Totally Awesome Tomato Cage Trees

If anyone is in need of some last minute Christmas ideas, or you just want to give a jump start to next year’s decorations, I’m sharing the rest of our holiday crafts this week on the blog. Someone *cough* *me* *cough* has been too busy running around with other things than to get these all […]

I’m Dreaming of Some White Christmas Houses

Last year, Sherry from Young House Love shared her super lovely white ceramic houses. They were very, very very beautiful and I really liked how sweet they looked on their mantle. (Go check them out to see the inspiration behind this project.) But those houses were a bit expensive for us to lay down on […]

DIY North Pole Shipping Crates

***Pssst! Because you’re awesome for stopping by our site, you can get some awesome freebies (like custom photo Christmas cards, and awesome party invitations!). See this post for more info!)*** A few weeks back, I saw a photo on Instagram and decided it was a project I needed to add to my Christmas craft list this […]

DIY Toilet Paper Tubes to Wreath Transformation

It’s a Friday night and I’m about to hit publish and go decorate the tree with Hubs while drinking a bottle of wine. It’s time to RELAX! But, in case you’re in a crafty mood tonight, here’s a project you can probably do without going out to buy any supplies–most of it uses recycling items […]

The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

On Monday, I asked you all how to finish decorating a wreath I had made. I wasn’t sure which of my endless options to try but you guys unanimously voted for the natural look, which matches our tree, so that’s exactly what I did. I also added, as I’m sure you noticed, the large “S” […]

Which Wreath?

Psst! Don’t forget to go enter our Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway! I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting and I’m stuck. No, not stuck with hot glue or staples or something like that. I’m stuck on what to do with these two wreaths so I’m asking you for advice. For starters, I made […]

My Own Mistletoe: A DIY Kissing Ball

Since I promised you all two posts today in our earlier update, I figured I should get right to work on this one. It’s been a busy, busy, BUSY week around here (my messy house will attest to that) and I’ve started my Christmas crafts, so it’s time to get started sharing those fun little projects […]

Not-so-basic Baskets

While I was painting the glass bowl I used to plant one of my terrariums, I grabbed two plain, cheapo Walmart baskets we were using to hold random clutter in the living room and decided to give them a little upgrade as well. I have to say that this project hardly qualifies as a project […]

Tiny Terrariums

Several, several weeks ago, I picked up four little succulents from Home Depot with the idea of planting them to live in our kitchen window over the winter. It was the same day we grabbed the shrubs for the front of the house. I wanted to get a low, wide glass bowl to plant them […]

Let the Fall Crafting Season Begin!

I’m not sure what it is about fall and winter weather that makes me want to grab my hot glue gun and yarn, but for some reason, I seem to be extra crafty for these holiday seasons. It’s not that July 4th and Easter don’t deserve crafts…and in fact, they certainly do…I’m just less likely […]

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’… A DIY Foam Roller

As I told you guys yesterday, I’m officially announcing to the world, our blog readers that I signed up to run a marathon. That means lots of training in my future and lots of running…and that means lots of muscle tightness, right? Well, hopefully less muscle tightness after I get good at using my new […]

A Jar Star (In the Bathroom)

Our bathroom has been missing some of your standard accessories, like a canister to hold our toothbrushes and toothpaste. For several months we used a plastic cup that tipped over if you placed the toothpaste back in at the wrong angle. Not effective… But Melissa isn’t always known for making her mind up quickly about things like […]

“Egg”xtra Special: An Easter Garland

For those of you that have been keeping track, for the past several days, I’ve been sharing the various kinds of Easter egg crafts that my friend Elizabeth and I made. However, I haven’t shared any of the ways I was actually going to use those little cuties. Before the big Easter decoration reveal, I […]

“Egg”actly: Dictionary Eggs

Finally, guys, it’s the last type of Easter eggs my good friend Elizabeth and I tried our hands at this year. Have you been following along? We dyed eggs, wrapped them in yarn, and used a balloon to make hollow ones from twine.  I think these may be my favorite, though. (Anyone keeping track on […]

“Egg”static: Soft Eggs

After finishing up the dyed eggs and the wrapped twine eggs, my friend Elizabeth and I had a good time with these next ones. You guys already know how much I enjoyed making some Christmas crafts with yarn in December (here and here), so it’s no surprise I love these little softies, too. We used regular plastic […]

“Egg”citing: Hollow Twine Eggs

Today I’m sharing another fun Easter craft I completed with my good friend, Elizabeth when Hubs was in California for business last week. (See our first adventure here.) These wrapped twine eggs were the hardest ones we made, but also, one of my favorites because of how rustic and unique they ended up looking. We […]