Burn, baby burn…

By | May 29, 2012

This weekend, we had a great time relaxing with family and friends. We also enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D…but…we may have soaked up a little too much.

We’re both burnt.


And ouch.



Did I say Ouch already?

Hubs says his armpits are the worst, since we laid on our backs with our arms out above our heads. My chest is the worst. You know that spot in the middle that rubs when you’re wearing a bra?

(Sorry to any male readers, but all the ladies out there who’ve ever had a little too much sun while wearing a bikini know exactly what I’m talking about.)

And now we’re both a little grumpy and salty.

He’s in pain. I get it. But I am, too. We’re both alternating back and forth between being doting and being annoyed at each other.

Still, it was a great weekend.

So, what about you? What was your worst burn? How do you get over it faster? How do you cope with a whiny spouse, whether it’s you or your hubs? Or the missus?

2 thoughts on “Burn, baby burn…

  1. Jim

    Vinegar will make it feel like the AIR CONDITIONING has been turned on. Yes, it is a little smelly, but it works to alleviate the burning. Worst burn; fishing all day below Truman Dam. So burnt my left arm swelled up from my elbow down to my fingers. I remember applying Vinegar to the burnt area really cooled it off. Aloe vera can be applied straight from the plant or there are several products that have it in them.

    1. melissashipman Post author

      Thanks for the help! I can’t imagine being so burnt things were swollen! I think the itching is the worst, though…Hubs has been pretty miserable.


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