Bright Thoughts For Bleak Days

By | January 20, 2016

I know the gray, dreary days tend to drag on for me. Luckily I now have a little bundle of sunshine around the house every day.

Will in crib

I also finally got around to switching up our chalkboard on the mantle for something kind of fun for winter.

winter mantle sunshine chalkboard

After I took down all the Christmas stuff, it’s been a little blank and boring. And since I think it’s a little early for Valentine’s Day stuff, I decided something cheerful and fun might help the winter blahs…

winter mantle sunshine chalkboard pom pom tree 3

Of course, you already know how much I adore the little colorful pom pom tree I made last spring, so I went ahead and  pulled it out for winter instead of waiting until March or April.

winter mantle sunshine chalkboard pom pom tree

I figure a little sunshine instead helps combat the cold and snow we’ve got going on outside, right?

winter mantle sunshine chalkboard 2

And, it’s adorable. So why not?

winter mantle sunshine chalkboard pom pom tree 2

I also moved our wine cork collection up to the mantle. It’s one of the things in our living room that was going to have to go when we really dive into baby proofing. It used to sit on the hearth, but it will be safer from a clumsy, crawling little one up there. Not to mention the little one will be safe from it, if it happened to tip over and break.

wine cork memory jar

I still have some other “redecorating” to do since I didn’t put back everything that I had up after the mess of taking down the Christmas decorations, so hopefully I can get to that in the next couple of days. I’ve been busy with work and other responsibilities and haven’t had as much time to play around with pretty things.

How are you battling the bleak grayness of winter? 


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