Awesome Autumn (New Mantle Decor)

By | September 27, 2013

One of the things I love about our house is the big mantle and hearth we have in the living room. I enjoy switching up the decor in there to keep it fresh and fun. So, since it’s now officially fall, I’m sharing how we decked the halls for Autumn this year.

I already showed you our awesome new-old chalkboard:

Antique Chalkboard 9

And you can see the quote I chose for fall:

Antique Chalkboard 8

So, I went with that as the centerpiece of the room…considering how large and in charge it is.

As for everything else, it was pretty much just reusing some of the things we had last year, such as these little pumpkins.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor 6

Although I’d love to buy all new decorations every year, that’s not possible, so I just try and rearrange what we have to look new.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor

I did finally “move into” this little wooden box we got several months ago. I think it’s working pretty well as a magazine box. And you can see I moved our wine cork bottle to the other side of the hearth.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor 2

I also added a couple (fake) fall leaves to the arrangement I made in the spring from sticks in our yard. I want to add more (maybe real ones) but I didn’t have any yet so I’ll have to work on it some more later.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor 8

Our little M+W tree stump is usualy on the mantle in some form or fashion. I like the natural element it adds…plus the sentimental aspect  of course.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor 7

Around the rest of the house, I added this little basket of (fake) pumpkins. I prefer to use real ones, but those get expensive to buy every year over and over again.

2013 Fall Decor 3

And this table got a freshening up.

2013 Fall Decor 2

I love to put my Mutts “South” book out since it’s about a bird that’s trying to fly south for the winter. So cute. 

I also added this little pumpkin candy bowl to the kitchen table…but don’t look inside–it’s empty!

2013 Fall Decor 4

Overall, even though I’ll probably change things up a bit in the coming weeks and months, I think this was a fun, quick, and free little upgrade. I like switching things up every now and then…it keeps me interested and gives me something to do in between bigger projects. Fall Chalkboard Quote

Plus, the chalkboard lets me switch up our artwork to suit the mood/weather/season/holidays.


And this fall sunshine quote was perfect for the warm afternoons we’ve been enjoying lately.

2013 Fall Mantle Decor 4

How do you freshen up your home every so often? Do you buy new fall or winter decorations every year? I’d love to but can’t afford it. How about a chalkboard..what are some of your favorite fall quotes?

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    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks! I wish I had more real ones, but I guess I just need to hit up the stores/shops/markets/pumpkin patches and then we can fix that problem!


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