An Oops Moment

By | June 28, 2013

I’m feeling a bit crazed this week guys, and since I’m trying to be honest (I already spilled the beans about my office this week), I had to share what I did last night after coming in from working in the garden with a mind very much distracted by work and other projects.

As additional background information, it might be good to note it had started raining and I was standing on bare ground right before I came inside.

Then I did this:

Mud on Carpet

Yup, three whole steps onto our off-white living room carpet. (You can only see two here) Lovely, huh?

Luckily, it only took a quick spray with some carpet cleaner (technically upholstery cleaner for our cars) and a good rub down to get it looking normal again.

Mud on Carpet 2

You can’t even tell…right?

Mud on Carpet 3

Much better than our last attempt at cleaning the carpets, (on Valentine’s night!) huh?


Tell me something you did this week that was an “oops moment.” There’s comfort in sharing our struggles, right? 

I’m taking a break from work (yup, at 6:45 on a Friday!) to write this post for you guys, so as soon as I write about 1000 more words for the night, I’m off to start celebrating another crazy busy weekend. So get out there and enjoy the second official weekend of summer, guys! If you don’t have an “oops moment,” feel free to shout out your weekend plans so I can be jealous!

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