A Place for Paint

By | March 20, 2013

When I visited my parents a couple weeks ago, I went down to the basement to look for something (their basement is full of wonderful, and some not so wonderful, treasures!). While I was down there, I saw some old (partly rusty but still usable) metal shelves that weren’t being used.

My parents had actually just gotten some newer, nicer, bigger ones and this one was one that was going to be sold or donated.

So, I volunteered for them to donate it to me. (Of course!) And now it has a new home in our basement, right next to the other shelves from my parents basement!

paint shelves 3

It’s┬ádefinitely┬áno longer lonely and unused!

In other news, we have a LOT of paint.

paint shelves 2

Spray paint…

spray paint

Paint supplies…

paint supplies




Paint supplies…

paint samplesBasically just a lot of paint.

paint shelves

I think we have more paint than we do chairs…which is another secret stash that our basement is hiding.

What hides in your basement? Paint? Chairs? Treasures and boxes of old memories? Or is your basement fully functional and beautiful?

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